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Polyester duck banner fabric makes great looking soft signs.
polyester duck showroom banner

For showroom or trade shows, polyester duck banners are economical, light weight yet durable,
We cut, print and sew in our facility and can configure your banners with hardware to make installation easy in any circumstance.

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Polyester duck is also a good fabric to use for banners in our retractable banner stands. These are great items for traveling displays, trade shows and recruiting events.
The fabric has a nice appearance and is easily guided back into the cassette for storage.
polyester duck retractable banner stand banners
polyester duck trade show backdrop banner For larger applications, such as trade show backdrops, polyester duck fabric is sturdy enough to be easy to handle but light enough to transport easily. And being polyester it is wrinkle resistant, if it would get wrinkles it can be steamed or ironed.