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Satin banners provide a high class appearance at a budget price, versatile, affordable, great looking. From the showroom to the trade show floor satin banners represent your line with style and elegance.

Satin is used indoors.
Prices for satin banners depend on quantity, size, finishing options and imaging method.
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Satin can be decorated with screen printed images or dye sublimation.

* The choice of printing methods is determined by the quantity of banners run and the image.
There are a variety of finishing options.
* Finishing depends on how the banner will be displayed.
Banner sizes can range from very small to very large.

This collection of images shows some common finishing styles available for satin banners, for details see finishing options.

"Ralph Lauren " to the right shows a standard style. A 30" wide by 20" high banner with a stiffener in a sewn sleeve on the top, a weight in a sleeve bottom and a small hanging cord which allows the banner to be hung on one pin and easily centered. The sides are hot knife cut for a clean sealed finish that will roll on a tube for best banner protection and easy re-distribution..


sublimation dye printed
screen printed satin banner, 2 spot colorsdye sublimation printed satin banner Whitfield is also a 30" by 20" banner, this shows the traditional style with a wooden dowel, spear tips and a full hanging cord, in addition it uses a fringe on the "V" shaped bottom. Sides are hot knifed.

Hand Made - Papa Murphys is 17" wide by 30" high, it uses a dowel with screw eyes in the end to attach a cord. It also has a weighted "V" bottom. Sides are hot knifed
You will see satin banners all over tradeshow floors. This exhibitors used them mounted directly on booth panels and in frames to add color and feature certain products. dye sublimation printed banners, hot knife cut for mounting
dye sublimation printed banners Wilson - FatShaft used a unique feature of satin to simulate metallic colors. Because of the shiny surface combined with a sublimation print the fabric can be made to look like a silver metallic, (or gold). This is finished with sewn hems on four sides and grommets. this banner is 12" X 40",
Takoma Park Seventh Day Adventist Church wanted to make a statement for their 100th anniversary. They went with a 5' wide by 10' high satin banner. The edges are sewn hems with a pole pocket top and fringe on the bottom. The pole pocket accommodates a cafe rod which is supported by fixtures on the wall. This is a good choice for hanging large banners. dye sublimation printed banner
Satin banner prices are dependant on:
quantity of banner purchased at one time,
type of imprinting method,
finishing style and packaging.
For a written quote use the Satin Banner Quote Form