Both half and full backdrop banners continue to gain in popularity and for good reason. They are very cost effective, constructed from wrinkle-resistant fabric and easy to set up. But probably the most important advantage is that they allow companies to utilize more of the booth property for displaying their message and their brand.

When using, Table Covers suggests customers call attention to their logo by positioning it at the top of the banner then create an eye-catching graphic that uses the vertical space to lists other specifics.

Since you only have about 10 seconds to get an attendee’s attention, we advise against trying to list everything under the sun.  It is more important that your trade show banner can be quickly read. Focusing on your unique business proposition or offer makes the most sense then reinforcing this message with other elements in your booth.

Two Types of Trade Show Banners

There are advantages to using either a half or full backdrop banner.  Since your company is already paying for pipe and drape, why not replace the nondescript curtain provided with one that is customized for you. Both types of trade show banners can stretch across 10-foot wide booth.

So think about ordering your backdrop banner today.