Investing in the basics for your trade show display can improve your company's visibility and awareness at your next event. It's also important when planning for trade shows and conferences to consider all aspects of your display. Many companies try to make a cheap banner work as a table cover, but not being designed to fit the space never looks professional.

Instead we recommend purchasing a blank table throw and a custom printed table runner. Why? This combination offers more flexibility, which is especially important if you have to pull together a coordinated trade show presence after missing the date to order a custom table throw for your next trade show. By having several blank table throws on-hand, you will never be without options—and never be without ways to draw in attendees and get your identity across as professionally as possible.

Blank Table Cover ExampleCustomers find that Table Covers table throws are a simple and economical way to make their display standout by having a special splash of color. There are 14 different colors and three different styles to choose from. Customers also like the fact that they can add printed table runners with an imprint of their company logo or important sales message now or at a later date.

So invest in the right basics by investing in multiple blank table throws today.