feather-flags-boost-visibilityIf you are investing in a custom marketing product, you need to know that the custom product is working. Custom feather flags are an affordable marketing tool, but you may wonder if they are effective. Here is a closer look at these flags, how you can use them, and how to boost your visibility more effectively with feather flags.

What Are Feather Flags?

Feather flags are narrow, tall flags that businesses place around trade show booths, events, and properties to draw attention quickly to something they wish to advertise. They can also be known as feather banners. Feather flags hold minimal text and imaging, but move with the wind to grab attention of passers by either indoor or outdoor. They are also known as flutter flags, sail flags, razor flags, and wind flags. Each feather banner is attached to a pole and can be several feet high in varied heights for an impressive overall look. Each pole has a number of base options to firmly plant the feather flag to the ground. FLS Banners offers ground stakes, x-bases, water bases, and more. When used effectively, feather banners can be very helpful marketing tools.

How to Use Feather Flags to Maximize Visibility

Feather flags can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, but to make them as effective as possible, you need to select the right size, style, and accessories for your specific needs. FLS Banners offers a number of base options that are compatible with all poles used for feather banners.

Banner Flag Location

First, choose your location carefully. You want to put your flag in a place where many people will be walking or driving past it. This may be at the opening of our booth or your business. It may be along a major road. The location will depend on where your business is located and what your goal is, but make sure it’s visible.

You can also place flags near items you want to draw attention to, such as an item that is on sale or a part of your business facility where you want to draw extra attention, like a sale area of your store or an event registration desk. Feather flags will grab attention, so place them where it is needed.

One of the benefits of custom feather flags is the fact that they are easy to move. If your needs change, simply move your flag to a new location to draw attention to the right item.

Banner Flag Design

Next, design your feather or banner flag carefully. The design of your banner can increase its effectiveness significantly. First, choose colors in line with your business's branding. If you have a signature color scheme, that must be used. Second, use an image or logo that is in line with your branding goals and what you are trying to draw attention to. Finally, make sure that the layout works with the size of the flag. Remember, these are fairly small, so long phrases may not fit well upon printing. If you place words on your feathered flag, make them short and to the point.

In general, as you design your flags, remember that less is more. The goal is to grab attention, not create a dialogue about your item.

There are many styles or shapes of feather flags available. These designs can include standout convex, concave, and square bottom or swooper and teardrop shapes. The ability to create a custom flag extends to the shape, color, and graphic printing on each one. Be sure to take note that each flag size and shape may require a specific pole.

Banner Flag Text

When choosing the text, make user it is big enough. In general, for every inch of height on your lettering, the text can be read from 10 feet away. So, lettering that is 2 inches tall can be read up to 20 feet away. Consider how far away people will stand, and choose lettering that is tall enough to be read easily.

For font color, make sure it contrasts well with the background color it is placed against. Blue and red against yellow, for example, can work well, while white against yellow does not work as well and is low contrast. If you are having trouble with colors, consider outlining the text in black so it stands out.

Finally, choose a font that is easy to read. Script fonts are not a good option for feather or swooper flags, because they are hard to read quickly. Instead, use a simple print that someone can read while quickly walking or driving past your sign.

Custom Feather Flag Design with FLS Banners

FLS Banners makes it easy to create custom feather flags that increase your visibility and help your business stand out. Our custom flags can use single-sided and come in many different sizes and shapes. We print and ship quickly, so you can have your flags in time for your upcoming event. Reach out to FLS Banners today to get our free quote for custom feather flags, then use these tips to incorporate them into your facility or trade show booth effectively.