So you and another company want to join forces at an upcoming trade show to enhance each of your marketing reach and meet prospects you may not be able to meet individually. Great idea. As you’re trying to get your head around how to best promote two logos, two color schemes and different brand identifiers, let us offer you these suggestions when ordering your table drape with logo.

First, consider how prominent to make each logo on your branded table covers based on who is the primary and secondary contributor. For instance when retailer, Sephora and not-for-profit Operation Smile teamed up for a joint marketing program in which a percentage of proceeds for a Sephora lip balm went to the charity, the product carried the logo of both but Sephora’s brand was more prominent.

Table Drape with Logo

Another guide is to determine whose brand is more recognizable in the market niche you’re trying to go after and choose their color on your table drapes with logo and be sure to choose a complimentary color to this color elsewhere in your booth. Because “color” can be a magnet that draws attendees into your exhibit space; in fact, color can also be a non-verbal way of leading attendees through your booth and the key areas of interest.

Whatever yours, and your partner’s commonality, remember to really call attention to it and how it directly adds value to your shared prospects. This way the partnership delivers more than just attractive promotion but financial results too.

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