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  • Feather flags are a great way to draw attention to your business and its offerings, both indoors and outdoors, but to get the full use out of them, you will need some feather flag accessories. From hardware to bags and even spikes to keep them in the ground, FLS Banners has the right accessories you can use to get full use out of your feather flags.

    Feather Flag Poles

    In order to display your feather flags, you will need feather flag poles to hold them. These run from the ground to the top of the pole and help the flag keep its shape and display well. We have small poles(8 to 10.5 foot), medium poles (12 to 14 foot), and large poles (16 to 17 foot) for your consideration.

    Small 8’ Pole (Small)feather-flag-bag-and-poles

    Medium 12’ Pole (Medium)

    Large 16’ Pole (Large)


    Feather Flag Bases

    Next, you will need a base to hold the flag steady, even in strong winds. The type of base you need will vary depending on where you will display your flag.

    For indoor use, an x-base is a good option. The x-base is x-shaped and lightweight, so you can easily move the flag from place to place. However, it is not very strong against the wind. If you need versatility to use flags indoors and outdoors, we offer water bags for x-bases. These add some weight to the x-base, so it can be used outdoors as well. You can order the x-base and water bag as a combo as well.

    If you will be using your flags outdoors, consider a ground spike base. These anchor the flag into dir


    t or grass securely in the ground, giving it a strong foundation.

    A heavy water base is another good choice for both indoor and outdoor use. These bases are filled with water to provide durability in wind and traffic, then can be drained for transport to the next event or location.

    Ground Stake


    Water Bag 

    X-Stand/Water Bag Combo

    Water Base

    Don't Forget the Feather Flag Carry Bag

    Feather flags are designed to be portable, and you need to protect them when moving from one location to the next. A feather flag carry bag provides that protection. Designed to fit the flag and your feather flag accessories, these bags will help you get where you need to easily.

    Feather flag hardware and accessories are important to fully enjoying your feather flags. Get the supplies you need for your promotional feather banners from FLS Banners today.

  • feather-flag-designFeather flags are highly effective at drawing attention to trade show booths, events, and outdoor facilities, but they do require careful designing to be as effective as possible. If you’re in charge of planning your feather banners, you’ll want to consider some important design elements that will make the final project as effective as possible.

    Designing a Custom Feather Flag

    Designing a custom feather flag with FLS Banners is not difficult. We have streamlined the process to make it as simple as possible, and are here to help you when you need it.

    Choose the Size and Shape

    First, you must choose the feather banner style and size that works best for your needs. Custom feather flags come in six different shapes, which include:

    These flags also vary in size from 8 feet to 16 feet tall. Consider the purpose of your flag, and choose one that fits.

    Design the Flag

    Next, design and submit your custom artwork. Remember to keep the overall design simple. In your design, you will need to consider the text, imaging, and colors.

    For text, you will typically add the text vertically, so the viewer reads from top to bottom. Remember, the goal of a feather flag is to grab attention and quickly deliver a message, so this is not the place for a large block of text. No more than seven words, some contact information, and your logo is sufficient for text.

    As you make your custom design, carefully consider the colors. You want attention-grabbing colors that contrast well with each other. Your custom designs should include your carefully considered brand and logo colors.

    Finally, if your flag will contain an image, keep it simple. One attention-grabbing image has more impact than several on a feather flag design.

    Choose Your Accessories

    Finally, decide which accessories you need. This might include a ground stake, x-base, or water base, depending on where you will display your flag. You will also want a pole. Consider choosing a kit that includes the pole and base with the flag.

    Single-Sided Feather Flags vs. Double-Sided Feather Flags

    Feather flags can be either single-sided or double-sided. Some designers will use double-sided flags, placing one part of the message on one side, and the other part on the reverse. Single-sided flags have one design, and ensures everyone who sees it gets the same message. They are placed so the printed side faces the viewer, eliminating the need for double-sided printing.

    Are you looking for help designing your custom feather banner or feather flag? FLS Banners is ready to assist. We have streamlined our design process to make it as easy as possible. Design your own custom feather flag today with help from FLS Banners. Shop today for your custom feather flags.

  • fls banners feather flagsFeather flags are the perfect banner to draw attention to your trade show booth or outdoor event space. FLS Banners produces the most durable feather flag on the market. Each flag is made with a heavy knit fabric pocket so that you can use it over and over for years to come.

    At FLS banners, we have several sizes and shapes of custom feather flags for your consideration. These durable, weather-resistant banners are perfect for both indoor or outdoor booth. As you shop, consider these sizes and shapes.

    About Feather Flag Sizes

    At FLS Banners, one way we help you find the feather flags you need for your particular application is by offering different sizes of feather flags. Whether you are looking for a feather banner that towers over event attendees to gain traction to your booth, or something a little less overstated that will gather people to your space, without being too large, we have a flag size to fit. The three flag sizes we offer are:

    1. Small Feather Flag – Our small flags are eight feet tall, which means they are just a little bit taller than event attendees. These work great for indoor trade shows where you may have ceiling height limitations, but you still want your booth to stand out.
    2. Medium Feather Flag – Our medium flags are 12 feet tall, which makes a definite statement. These stand about double the height of event attendees, so they will grab attention. They can be used indoors as long as the ceiling height is not an issue, and also work well for outdoor applications.
    3. Large Feather Flag – Our large flags are 16 feet tall. Because of their height, these are best for outdoor applications. You can see these featured flags lining concert venues, attracting attention for sidewalk sales, and used in outdoor festival environments.

    About Feather Flag Shapes

    Not only do feather flags come in different sizes, but they also come in different shapes. Shapes will help you create the look you want for your event or booth, but deciding which shape is best is not always an easy task. Here is a closer look at the different shapes we offer:

    1. Convex Feather Flag – Convex feather flag are rounded out at the bottom. This provides a greater surface area for your printed message with a pleasing finished look.
    2. Concave Feather Flag – Concave feather flags round inward at the bottom for a unique look. The slight inward curve allows more space underneath, which can be helpful if flags line a walkway.
    3. Square Feather Flag – Square feather flags have a square corner on the bottom.
    4. Swooper Feather Flag – A swooper is a feather flag that has a squared-off top and bottom for a trapezoidal shape.
    5. Teardrop Feather Flag – Teardrop feather flags resemble an upside-down drop of water, with a curved top and a bottom that angles in to a point. These have more space underneath, making them a good choice to line walkways.
    6. Teardrop XL Feather Flag – Just like the teardrop, only bigger, the teardrop XL gives you slightly more space for printing.

    Ultimately, the shape you choose will depend on your application and the look you want to create. All of our feather flags come with the same durable materials and fast, full-color printing, so they will serve you well.

    Feather Flag Accessories and Kits

    Finally, as you are shopping for custom feather flags, you will want the right accessories and kit to ensure you are able to mount and display your flags. Each kit contains the flag, custom pole, mounting hardware, and a base. The kit you need will depend on where you plan to use the flags. Some options we offer include:

    1. No Base – If you already have a base, pole, and the right mounting gear, consider going with no base at all.
    2. Flag + Ground Stake Kit – If you’re going to use your flags outdoors and plan to stake them in the ground, this is the kit you want.
    3. Flat + Heavy water Base Kit – Heavy water bases are filled with water to keep the flag in place. The weight of the water prevents tipping, and these bases are usable indoors or out.
    4. Flag + X-Base Kit – An x-base is an x-shaped piece of metal that provides stability for the flag. You may wish to place a weight on top of this when used outdoors, but it works quite well for standard indoor use.

    FLS Banners is proud to offer state-of-the-art dye-sublimation processing and custom printing for all of our products. Our custom feather flags are delivered to you with speed and quality. Use your own artwork through our easy online submission process and display your logo proudly on each custom feather flag.

    No matter which combination you choose, when you shop with FLS banners, the process is simple and the printing and shipping time lightning fast. Order your banners now!

  • Apr 9, 2019 3:43:58 PM


    Posted in In-store demonstrations By Smart Solutions

    When you are preparing for a big event, you need to consider custom printed tablecloths, and table covers to help make it even more effective in your branding efforts. Before you can purchase your table covers for your next trade show, you need to know what size is best. The right length and fit will make your logo easily read, which will help with your marketing efforts. Here is a closer look at the options for custom printed tablecloths and table covers so that you can choose the right size for your tables.

    Table Sizes Compared

    When shopping for custom fitted table covers to display your logo at your next event or trade show, you need to first consider the size of your table and trade show booth. A trade show table can come in many different shapes and sizes. Many are rectangular in format, and most are six-feet long with typical trade show booth size being 10’ x 10’. However, some tables are 8-feet long, and some brands will opt for circular tables instead of rectangular. You may even find an occasion where a smaller 4-foot or 5-foot table is ideal. Evaluate your event space, indoor or outdoor and whether a standing or sitting table is best.

    It would be best if you also considered the table height when shopping for tablecloth sizes. Tables for trade shows range from standard 30-inch tall tables to 36-inch demo tables and presentation tables that are 42-inches bar height. In most cases, the standard height is 30-inches, which allows a comfortable seated height. Some tables are adjustable height tables to enable presenters to change the height based on the table’s use. Because of the varying heights, you will need to ensure that your custom printed table covers are the right height to allow your logo to be seen.

    Table Cover Size Options

    Just like the tables they cover, table covers come in a wide range of size options. At FLS Banners, we manufacture table covers are designed to fit 4’, 5’, 6’, and 8’ foot wide tables. FLS is the actual manufacturer as such we can create custom covers to fit shipping case, displays stand, covers for new product reveals or whatever you can dream up.

    While FLS Banners offers custom sized table covers to meet your needs, sometimes you will want to invest in one cover that can fit a wide range of tables. Our table covers fit most utility tables, including 4-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot options. We also carry table runners that are designed to fit the top of the table, rather than draping over the side.

    How Much Should a Table Cover Drape Over?

    When purchasing a tablecloth to display your branding or logo, you also need to consider how much it will hang or drape over the sides of your table. The drape of the tablecloth helps hide the legs of the table and creates storage in your trade show booth, allowing your logo to be on full display with nothing to detract from it. This means buying a table cover that has the correct size overhang.

    FLS Banners offer three different styles of overhang for tables. These include:

    Table Runner - These can have a short backdrop of 10 inches on one side and hang just above the floor on the front.

    Open-Back Table Covers - These have a short backdrop (about 10 inches) on the back side and hang just above the floor on the sides and front.

    Close-Back Table Covers - These cover the top and all four sides of the table just above the floor.

    FLS Banner tablecloths are specifically designed to cover the sides of a table, hanging just above the floor, ensuring that they hang correctly. The way that the table cover drapes across a table creates a smooth display surface and beautiful corners.

    Having the correct size cover ensures that your table looks professional. It also helps create a storage area under the table, while still giving you access to the extra supplies and marketing materials you may need during your event.

    Request Custom Printed Table Covers Today

    Choosing the right size is the first step in creating the right table covers for your event and company. You also need to get them printed with your logo to create a bright, brilliant display. FLS Banners can help. We offer full-color printing on all sides, complementary with all custom logo table covers, and have a variety of tablecloth sizes to meet all needs.

    Do you have questions about the right size for your table cover? Contact us for answers, then order your custom printed table covers today.

    Get started by selecting your perfect size table cover.

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    Posted in In-store demonstrations By Smart Solutions

    A common mistake that many custom table cover owners make is how they fold and store them. Believe it or not, there is a proper way to fold table covers so that they do not become creased and look good for a long time. We have developed an expert method for folding and storing table covers. Following these basic instructions ensures your cover looks great without any fuss the next time you need it.

    How to Fold and Store Your Custom Printed Table Cover

    • 1. With your cover on the table grab the front center of the bottom edge (likely where your logo is).

    • 2. Fold up the front panel and lay it flat on the top of the table, so the logo is facing down. Get the ends to align.

    • 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for back panel or backdrop. You now have the table cover folded in thirds, the front and back panels of the cover are now on top of the table.

    • 4. Bend down and pick up the bottom of the fabric from one end.

    • 5. Place the fabric that was hanging over the end of the table flat on the top.

    • 6. Now begin rolling from the end. You should end up with a rolled cover that is approximately 30 inches in width and 3-4 inches in diameter.

    The key to this folding method is creating the folds in the cover at the approximate location with the cover naturally transitions from the top of the table to one of the four vertical sides. Add our table cover carry bag for the ultimate solution in storage and protection. The bag’s unique design and construction keep the cover neatly rolled up and prevents it from folding in half. Store your covers in the carry bag laying flat (horizontally) rather than standing on end.

    Proper folding, rolling, and storing will increase the longevity of your custom table banner and preserve the sharpness of its design. Caring for your trade show tablecloth will ensure that you will get the most out your investment. Order a custom table cover carry bag today!

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    Get your message across with our table top displays. These very functional tabletop displays lets you tell your story with colorful photographs and text, so the message really sinks in. There modular construction gives clients a variety of size options. Shown here is a 24" X 36" three panel, with header pop-up display. The banner pop-up header is optional and can be printed with your graphic, from a file you supply. Velcro tabs hold fabric display elements conveniently in place.

    Table Top Display Table Top Display

    Starts at $299.00.

    Contact Us for more details or purchase.

  • After you confirm your booth location, space, table sizes, and other display specifics, you'll want to order your exhibition table covers. If you really want to make an impact at the event, a custom table cover could be the key to boosting rapport at trade shows.

    For more than 30 years, we have been supplying companies with the finest custom table covers and giving them a leg-up on their competition. Choose your next exhibition table cover from options below:


    Table Runners

    Table Runners

    Fitted Table Covers

    Fitted Table Covers

    Table Drapes

    Table Drapes

    Avoid Drab Exhibit Drapes

    Our customers have learned that purchasing our high-quality exhibit table covers actually saves them money in the long-run. Rather than using what trade show exhibition services provide, our customers have enjoyed creating their own custom covers. Using a custom display really makes a difference. Our standard three-sided exhibition table covers pay for themselves in just three or four shows.

    Our patrons have also learned that personalizing one of our custom table covers ensures that they get noticed—and help justify the expense for exhibiting. FLS Banners offers a large variety of options for printed covers for your event table.

    Contact us today for an estimate!


    "I just wanted to Thank you, once again, for the wonderful job and customer service you provided Purdue Univ. Calumet. The table covers were well liked and having them available for the Graduate School Recruitment Open house was a plus. The room looked very nice with every table wearing one of your covers. I will be sure to direct orders your way. Thanks again."

    - Kathy
    Assistant to The Graduate School and the School of LASS Purdue Univ. Calumet Campus

  • Aug 24, 2017 12:02:08 PM


    Posted in In-store demonstrations By FLS Banners

    FLS Banners table covers provide color and prestige to demonstration tables that not only look good but are extremely easy to set up and take down. We know the value you place in choosing a material that is lightweight and easy to manipulate, so our demonstration table cover material is just that! The type of fabric used in our covers makes a difference. Depending on how you plan to use your cover, you may want to consider this detail.

    Fire Resistant Knit Polyester Table Cover

    Fitted Table Drapes

    Fire Resistant Knit Polyester Table Cover

    Fire Resistant Knit Polyester Table Covers and Adjustable Table Covers

    Demonstration Table Support

    Many of our customers work for Costco, Sam's Club and other retailers nationwide and use our demonstration table covers for their road show circuits.

    You can choose from our preferred knit polyester display table covers that allow full-color DyeLux™ printing and the convenience of easily wiping clean—perfect for messy cooking demonstration tables!

    Order yours today!

  • Feb 5, 2015 7:36:00 PM


    Posted in In-store demonstrations Table covers with logos By Cain Goettelman

    Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and other distribution partners are known for having limited marketing capabilities and resources at their disposal. Many don’t employ full-time marketing staff and find it hard to have the bandwidth necessary for delivering a coherent image at trade shows.

    You, as a manufacturer, can help your VARS by ordering pre-made customized table covers (at volume discounts). This will ensure on-brand consistency and ensure that your VARS are delivering a coordinated visual statement that will get attention when getting attention matters most—at competitive venues like trade shows and exhibits.

    Table Throw with Logo Done Right

    Table Throw with Logo

    Color can speak volumes about your company—make sure it’s properly supporting your company across your entire channel. Leatrice Eiseman, color consultant and director of the Pantone Color Institute says, "Humans have a psychological, physiological, and associational response to color, which is so engrained in the human psyche that we respond to color without overtly knowing we've had a reaction.” So before you order a quantity of table throws with logo, we suggest you consider the right placement and size of the logo—or logos. The general rule is to give prominence relative to each partner’s contribution. And, of course, select exactly the right color.

    See options for table throw with logo now. And enjoy price breaks when ordering quantities of 6, 24, and 50.

  • Apr 10, 2013 12:14:04 PM


    Posted in In-store demonstrations By Cain Goettelman

    use of branded table cover in store demoPoint of purchase displays are valuable to manufacturers, brokers, as well as store owners. Especially when displays are well positioned in high traffic areas at retailers, supermarkets and warehouse superstores like Costco and Sam’s Club.

    One key is to make sure your in store demonstrations will appeal to the masses and interest all groups of potential consumers. Because there’s nothing worse than standing up around the clock from Friday through Sunday and only have a few takers.

    The other key to in store demonstrations is to demonstrate the grPoint of purchase displayseatness of your product rather just telling someone about it. This is where we come in. We specialize in branded table covers and display banners that are engaging and cost effective. Table cover sizes can accommodate 4, 6 or 8-foot tables. Banners can be pop-up or draped. And both can be digitally or screen printed for the effect you want.

    So really show off the benefits of your products by utilizing point of purchase displays from us.

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