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  • When it comes to tables for displays and trade shows, 6-foot and 8-foot tables are the most popular sizes. These large tables provide plenty of room to showcase your product and display materials. When you need a platform for your brand at a convention or exhibition, these table cover sizes are likely the best options.

    To make your trade show area stand out, you will need the right custom tablecloth to make your booth pop! If you have 8-foot or 6-foot tables, FLS Banners same size table covers that will add a professional look with all over printing or simple custom logo printing to ensure quality branding and advertising.

    Why use six-foot tables? Six-foot tables are a popular table size for display and trade show booths. They are long enough for most displays, yet petite enough to fit well in a smaller booth area, these tables are commonly used for events of all types. The average trade show booth space is 10’x10’. A 6’ table will fit nicely in this space with room for attendees to be welcomed in, not passing you by.. If you have extra space than 10 feet, an 8 foot table should work wonderfully, giving you more surface area to show off your promotional items.

    The final piece that will make your trade show booth and tables look professional and complete is a custom printed table cover. Now that you have your size, let’s pick your custom table cloth style! From fitted, to draped or contour, all of our covers are fully customizable with full-color logo printing, so you can showcase your brand in style.

    What Size Table Cover for a 6-Foot Table?

    6-foot-table-coverThe size of your 6-foot table cover will vary depending on the cut and the type of fabric used. In general, a 6-foot table requires a 70-inch by 108-inch tablecloth, which will reach about to the floor. At FLS Banners, we cut our custom tablecloths to fit the standard 30-inch tall tables, as well as bar height and demo or counter height tables. They are designed to hang an inch above the floor, so they will come from the tabletop to the floor without actually dragging. This gives you a professional look and will hide items stored below the table but without being frustratingly long. This also protects them from bunching, which hurts the overall look of the tablecloth and keeps them from getting dirty.

    Uses for 6-Foot Table Covers

    Six-foot tables are used for many different purposes, but you can often find these tables as part of trade show displays. They may pop up in stores showcasing a particular sale item. Schools may use them to display after-school clubs or other extra-curricular activities in the hallway to entice students to sign up. No matter where they are used, they all have one thing in common, and that is the need for a cover. If you want your cover to be personalized and professional, choose a custom option from FLS Banners.

    Types of 6-Foot and 8-Foot Table Cover Styles

    At FLS Banners, we understand that different companies have different goals for the look of their branding materials. That’s why we offer many different types of tables when you’re in the market for 6-foot or 8-foot table covers. Whether you want a fitted, modern look or a traditional draped look, you will find something to fit. Some of our options include:

    Fitted – Fitted table covers fit snugly around the top of the table. This seamless look falls in a straight line from the tabletop to the floor, creating a box-like appearance. It does not have wrinkles or seams, so the entire look is streamlined. This allows your logo to stand out.

    Contour – Contour table covers are made from stretchy fabric that pulls taut across the table and legs. This creates a contoured look that is quite modern and chic. It can help your tables to stand out because it’s slightly different from the standard look commonly used.

    Throw and Drapes – Throw and drape table covers envelope the table on three sides, leaving the back open. They drape across the front and sides, so they do create some folds and draping. These are a great choice if you will be storing items under your table that you need access to throughout your event. Drapes and throws fit loosely over the table, giving you the traditional draped tablecloth look. These are available as either seamless or traditional options, depending on the look you want for your display.

    Runners – Runners sit on top of your tablecloths to display your logo. These are a more economical option if you already have plain tablecloths and want a custom printed option, but don’t want to replace the entire tablecloth.

    What Size Table Cover for an 8-Foot Table?

    8-foot-table-coverWhen buying a table cover, you want it to be long enough to extend the length of the table and hang over the sides to completely cover to the floor, but you don’t want it to drag on the floor. You also don’t want to come up short, because it’s helpful to be able to store some items below the table during your event. At FLS Banners, we stock 8-foot table covers designed for 96-inch long tables.

    The material your table cover is made from and the amount of stretch that material has will dictate how long it needs to be. Typically, a table cover to cover an 8-foot table needs to measure 70 inches by 126 inches. At FLS Banners, we cut our table covers to measure 29 inches from top to bottom, so they perfectly cover a standard 8-foot table measuring 30 inches from floor to tabletop without dragging on the floor. In addition to the 30 inch height, we also offer bar height and demo height 8-foot table covers.

    Uses for 8-Foot Table Covers

    Table covers and table runners have many potential uses. Trade show booths are rarely complete without a table cover that brings the look together. Table covers with your logo can also be put out at parties, for sale displays, and at other events where you might be marketing. Custom Tablecloths create a pulled-together, finished look that keeps your brand consistent as you strive to keep your branding consistent, no matter what type of event you are heading to.

    Types of 8 Foot Table Covers

    At FLS Banners, we understand that size is not your only consideration when shopping for 8-foot table covers. That’s why we offer a wide variety of table covers for your consideration. Each is available with full-color printing of your logo or other design, so you can showcase your product or service well at your next event. Here is a closer look at the 8-foot table cover options available at FLS Banners

    Shop 8-Foot and 6-Foot Table Covers Now!

    If your business has 6-foot or 8-foot tables for your display and trade show booths, you need the right covers. Custom printed covers with your logo will help your display stand out in a crowded trade show or other event. FLS Banners have many different styles and colors to choose from. Start shopping today, and add custom printed 6-foot and 8-foot table covers to your display.

  • Demo season is here! Now is the time to prepare for demos, exhibitions, events, and tradeshows. If you are looking for the perfect tablecloth for your upcoming show, FLS Banners has everything you need. We provide experienced support, plentiful color options, an easy custom logo process, as well as various fabric and style options. No need to stress about getting your custom logo tablecloth made in time, we are here to get you the professional look you’ve been searching for.

    What Size Table Cover for a 4-Foot Table Table?

    4-foot fitted tablecoverTo adequately cover a 4-foot table, the type and cut of the fabric often determines how well it will fit. Typically, 4 Foot Table Covers fit folding tables with standard dimensions of 48” long, 24” wide, by 36" high. Getting the best fit table cover for your table will ensure that your custom logo and graphics are displayed properly and the sides of the cover lay out smoothly. A great fit can also prevent the ends from dragging on the floor and bunching.

    Why Choose a 4 Foot Table for Events?

    Four foot table covers are compact enough to save precious space at an event, but offers ample room for a table cover, promotional materials, or showing off a product. 4-foot tables can be either demo height, rising about waist high, or bar height, which rises about midriff. Demo height tables are perfect for showing off a product or laying out promotional materials. Bar height tables create a welcoming aesthetic for sparking conversation at a tradeshow. Combined with a custom table cover, the bar height table cover is a great networking tool.

    It’s important to find the right table cover size for a 4’ table cover. There are many sizes of table covers available from FLS Banners. With so many options, it may be a challenge to decide what size table cover you need. With this in mind, if you are looking for a table cover for your next event, here is a helpful overview of the benefits of 4’ table covers:

    Uses for 4-Foot Table Covers

    Imagine the demo tables used at Costco or small tables used at conventions, these are the type of tables that would be perfect for 4-foot covers. These types of tables can also be bar-height tables perfect for standing around. These table covers are the perfect match for these kinds of tables. 4-foot table covers are also great for displaying your logo at a convention, trade show, or school events.

    Types of 4-Foot Table Covers

    4-foot bar height tablecoverFLS Banners is committed to providing professionals with the options they need for whatever situation arises. Besides custom printing options for your own designs, FLS Banners also provides several fabrics, and various styles of table covers. Here are the 4’ table cover styles we offer:

    Fitted - This style fits snugly around the top of the table. The fitted table cover gives your table a squared-off, seamless look that will appear sleek and professional.

    Stretch - To create a contoured look, contour table covers are made of stretch material to conform to the shape of your table. The stretch contour cover eliminates wrinkles loose ends.

    Throw and Drapes - For quick and simple cover solution, a table cover throw is the easy answer. The throw is designed to cover the table on three sides with some draping and folding. The traditional table drape has a loose fit and is available in seamed or seamless options. The table drape is essentially a custom tablecloth for your event.

    Runners - Named for how they run across the length of a table, table runners cover only two sides of a table. They offer a simple solution that gives your table a decorative flair.

    Shop 4-Foot Table Covers Now!

    If you plan to use a 4-foot table for your trade show or other display needs, FLS Banners has you covered. We have many tablecloth options to fit this standard length made from popular fabric options, including linen and polyester. Shop now to find four-foot table covers that will work for your needs, and enjoy the benefits of custom, full-color printing on your trade show booth table covers.

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    table cover cleaning tipsTrade show table covers are a valuable investment. They help you create a unified appearance every time you head out to market your company. Yet with repeated use, your table covers are going to get dirty, and they may even stain if you don’t wash them well. When it’s time to wash them, you need to do it right to preserve the fabric and printing. Here are some tips to help with washing and drying trade show table covers, so they will deliver many years of reliable use.

    Table Cover Washing Tips

    Modern table covers are designed for durability and easy care. Most can be machine washed and dried, and steaming them to get out wrinkles works quite well. That said, you do need to know the different materials in order to chose the right washing techniques. At FLS Banners, we offer both knit polyester and poly poplin trade show covers. Here are the washing tips for both.

    Knit Polyester Trade Show Booth Table Covers

    Knit polyester is our standard material for trade show booth table covers. It’s durable, takes printing well, and drapes well over tables.

    Thankfully, knit polyester is quite easy to clean. You can simply wash it in a 160-degree wash cycle (cool water). Be sure to use a synthetic detergent. Avoid bleaching the table cover or using a detergent with a bleach agent. This can affect any flame retardant treatment of the fabric or the colorfastness of the printing.

    Once washed, toss the table cover in the dryer to tumble dry on a low temperature. Remove immediately. It should not need to be ironed if washed correctly, but you can touch up any creases with a 250-degree iron.

    For 100 percent polyester table covers, you need to avoid excessive heat. Also, do not leave the fabric too long in the dryer. This can damage it and lead to wrinkles that are hard to get out completely.

    Poly Poplin Trade Show Booth Table Covers

    Poly poplin is made from a plain weave with crosswise ribs that creates a corded surface and a very strong fabric. Washing it is easy. Simply wash it in cold water with a mild detergent. Machine dry it at a low temperature. To prevent wrinkles, remove as soon as the drying cycle is complete and store as you normally would. If you have problems with wrinkles or creases, either iron or steam the fabric to allow it to drape properly.

    With both poly poplin and knit polyester, storage is an important part of the washing and care. It is critical that you do not wad up the table covers and stuff them somewhere when not in use. This will clause wrinkles that are difficult to remove, and can also damage the overall nature of the material. These wrinkle-free materials should not crease, but only if you handle them right. After washing, fold the table cover up and store in a plastic bag. Avoid placing heavy items on top, as that could lead to creases.

    Get Help with Trade Show Covers Today

    Do you need additional help for your trade show covers? Do you have a question about the best way to use them or how to deal with stains? Contact FLS Banners online to learn more, or give us a call at 800-537-0463.

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    Special events, such as weddings require special accents to mark the occasion. That’s why more and more customers are purchasing personalized wedding table runners.

    After the beauty of the bride and groom, nothing dresses up a reception banquet room better than wedding table covers and runners. You can order wedding banners for the head table or for everything, including buffet tables.

    Wedding Table Runner Wedding Table Runner

    Wedding Table Runner

    Have Fun When Ordering Table Covers

    Choose a special message; choose subtle or vibrant colors; or, choose to tie in with your invitation or your wedding colors. As a well-regarded wedding table runner vendor, there isn't any design or tablecloth style that we can't assist you with. Our knit polyester wedding table runners are great for indoor use being strong yet soft to the touch. Additionally, our nylon or vinyl wedding table covers are ideal for outdoor use.

    On your special day, consider custom runners instead of plain tablecloths. Give your tables a personal touch with table runners designed and delivered to you.

    Personalize your wedding table runner and order today!

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    When you think about it, every square foot of your trade show space could be used to project a strong image for your business. So let us help you with the display details. For 30 years, we have been helping businesses get trade show table covers that pop and communicate the right presence. Whether you’re looking for table covers for trade shows that will complement your kiosk, demonstration table, or allow you to talk one-on-one with a prospect, we have the options for you.

    Table Drapes

    Table Drapes

    Table Throws

    Table Throws

    Fitted Table Covers

    Fitted Table Covers

    Selecting Trade Show Table Covers

    Knowing the importance of projecting the right look, we suggest you strive for a color and logo scheme that matches your corporate identity or generates the right feeling. Certain colors create certain emotions. People will respond to your display and what is printed on the fabric. Keep in mind that dark color table covers work well with lighter colored logos. Black, dark blue and purple is better in moderation. White can either look clean and crisp or dull and boring, so be careful. The good news is that FLS Banner provides so many custom options so that you can capture your brand and display it on your very own table cover. 

    Contact us for more helpful advice on trade show table covers.

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    Good news! You don't have to trim down the professional or elegant atmosphere you want to create for your next outdoor event. Thanks to FLS Banner's durable covers that serve as a sturdy protector over knit polyester, your next outdoor event or wedding can set the mood you want—without compromise.

    If you are concerned about the outdoor elements damaging your table covers, FLS Banner's knit polyester table covers are a great choice. They look great, can be custom printed, and are very durable. Our sturdy fabric options protect your cover design over the long run. FLS Banner products are resistant to sun, rain, liquids, and use over time. Our table covers are made to last which is why they are the best choice for your outdoor events!

    A common problem with outdoor events is wind blowing away promotional material. While many people resort to using weights to keep their tablecloths from flying away, there is a better solution. Using one our fitted table covers remedies this problem. The cover itself clings to the table, perfectly fitting over the top and sides. Since these table covers stretch to fit, rather than rest over it, you won't have to worry about it flipping over or blowing off.

    If an outdoor table cover is right for you, Contact us to get an estimate.

    Table Throws

    Knit Polyester Table Throws

  • After you confirm your booth location, space, table sizes, and other display specifics, you'll want to order your exhibition table covers. If you really want to make an impact at the event, a custom table cover could be the key to boosting rapport at trade shows.

    For more than 30 years, we have been supplying companies with the finest custom table covers and giving them a leg-up on their competition. Choose your next exhibition table cover from options below:


    Table Runners

    Table Runners

    Fitted Table Covers

    Fitted Table Covers

    Table Drapes

    Table Drapes

    Avoid Drab Exhibit Drapes

    Our customers have learned that purchasing our high-quality exhibit table covers actually saves them money in the long-run. Rather than using what trade show exhibition services provide, our customers have enjoyed creating their own custom covers. Using a custom display really makes a difference. Our standard three-sided exhibition table covers pay for themselves in just three or four shows.

    Our patrons have also learned that personalizing one of our custom table covers ensures that they get noticed—and help justify the expense for exhibiting. FLS Banners offers a large variety of options for printed covers for your event table.

    Contact us today for an estimate!


    "I just wanted to Thank you, once again, for the wonderful job and customer service you provided Purdue Univ. Calumet. The table covers were well liked and having them available for the Graduate School Recruitment Open house was a plus. The room looked very nice with every table wearing one of your covers. I will be sure to direct orders your way. Thanks again."

    - Kathy
    Assistant to The Graduate School and the School of LASS Purdue Univ. Calumet Campus

  • Your One Stop Trade Show Table Cover Vendor

    When you’re hosting multiple vendors for an upcoming event or trade show, you will need a wide variety of event tablecloths. Some vendors care more about the color and texture, whereas others will care more about whether the cover is waterproof in case their beverages spill. Thanks to FLS Banners, you can find all the event tablecloths you need in one place. We offer a variety of displays to choose from, and the option to create your own custom printed table cover too.

    Round Table Cover

    Round Table Covers

    Fitted Table Covers

    Fitted Table Covers

    Table Throws

    Fitted Table Throws

    Convenient Catering Tablecloths

    We also offer a wide assortment of catering tablecloths with Velcro that will allow you to easily add on table skirting for an extra touch of class. We also sell vinyl cover protectors to slip over your standard event tablecloths for extra assurance with food and beverage service or changing weather patterns. No matter the situation, our trade show table covers have you taken care of.

    Contact us today for an estimate!

  • Most meeting planners know the importance of having professional table covers for business meetings and conferences. Whether they are working with a small space or a large veranda, setting the right image with coordinated conference table covers is important. While some people settle for a plain cover for their display table, using a custom table cover complete with your brand image and colors firmly establishes your brand identity. Select and purchase from our conference table covers for business below:

    Fitted Table Drape

    Fitted Table Drapes

    Table Throws

    Table Throws

    Table Runners

    Table Runners

    Our Experience Counts

    As a veteran in the industry, we use high-quality materials—including knit polyester, nylon and reinforced vinyl depending on your needs and whether you’re looking for heavy-duty outdoor conference tablecloths. We also offer excellent printing capabilities with two distinct methods: screen printing and DyeLux™ printing. Screen printing is ideal for 1 or 2-color spot conference tablecloths printing, and our innovative, digital DyeLux printing is made to produce vibrant, 4-color images for all forms of business table covers.

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    Using a table cover with a logo is the surest way to communicate the professionalism of your company and to gain brand recognition. Today, branding is not only a way of identifying and differentiating a company’s product but has evolved into communicating an actual promise. Don’t miss out. Select a table cover with a logo for your next event or trade show.


    Seabrook Table Drapes

    Table Drapes

    Mercury Table Banner

    Table Cover

    East Carolina Table Runner

    Table Runners

    Emphasize Your Identity

    Because many consumers are choosing to buy a “brand" instead of just a product, you’ll want to ensure that you display your identity prominently. And what better way than with logo table covers for trade shows? Using our custom table covers with your logo, you can easily print your corporate logo and create a consistent brand presence at all your events. Or you can promote a special program or campaign to ensure you will get the traction and traffic you desire.

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