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  • May 17, 2019 11:59:44 AM


    Posted in Trade show banners By Smart Solutions

    seg-backlit-trade-show-displayIf you are looking for a way to make your trade show booth or event space "pop", SEG backlit displays are it!

    Backlit trade show displays are one of the latest innovations in promotional and advertising tools used by professionals. These special backlit pop up banners utilize LED lights to illuminate a printed design beautifully. The clear, bright LEDs bring an extra definition to your custom graphics.

    Although backlit banners use a specialized fabric in order to let the LED light show through, any custom graphics can be printed on it, much like an ordinary display. The difference, however, is remarkable!

    How Backlit Banners Work

    Backlit pop up displays are made of specialized material that is light and durable that lets the backlighting through, illuminating special designs or graphics printed onto the front.

    The backlit fabric is stretched precisely across a lightweight aluminum frame that contains the LEDs. This frame is also called the light box. Setup and takedown for these kinds of backdrop displays are deceptively easy and the lights plug directly into a wall outlet.

    About SEG Pop Up Banners

    SEG backlit displays come in multiple sizes and are either SEG pop up displays or backlit vector frames. These types of displays are flexible in that they are modular. The frames can be interconnected which allows you to expand your trade show booth as you see fit. SEG stands for silicone edge graphics. SEG is the specialized fabric used for backlit pop up banners. SEG is a fabric graphic that is dye-sublimated at a high-resolution. The graphic is finished with a thin silicone strip sewn directly to the edge of the graphic. The SEG fabric must be precisely fitted so that it is taut when installed onto the display frame.

    Benefits of Backlit Trade Show Displays

    There are many advantages and benefits of using a backlit display at a trade show compared to your average backdrop display.

    • Draw attention to your trade show booth unlike any other display. The bright LED lights enhance the impact of your banner graphics.
    • Make your logo stand out to the consumer's eye. Highlight the features of your business and what you offer. Present a memorable first impression.
    • Portable trade show booths at its best. Backlit displays provide maximum impact while reducing the weight and size of a much bulkier display. They are lightweight and easy to assemble.
    • Fully customizable, from the size of the frame and display to the graphics custom printed on the banner itself.
    • High-quality dye-sublimated printing. FLS Banners has decades of experience in custom printing with special attention to detail.

    With backlit trade show banners, you don't need to sacrifice convenience or time for an exhibit booth that really stands out from the rest. Bring that extra edge to your next expo or trade show that attracts visitors your way.

    Coming soon: SEG backlit displays with custom printing by FLS Banners. Stay tuned!

    Contact FLS Banners today to get started creating your very own custom trade show display for your next exhibit!

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    Get your message across with our table top displays. These very functional tabletop displays lets you tell your story with colorful photographs and text, so the message really sinks in. There modular construction gives clients a variety of size options. Shown here is a 24" X 36" three panel, with header pop-up display. The banner pop-up header is optional and can be printed with your graphic, from a file you supply. Velcro tabs hold fabric display elements conveniently in place.

    Table Top Display Table Top Display

    Starts at $299.00.

    Contact Us for more details or purchase.

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    Posted in Printed table covers Table covers with logos Trade show banners By FLS Banners

    When you think about it, every square foot of your trade show space could be used to project a strong image for your business. So let us help you with the display details. For 30 years, we have been helping businesses get trade show table covers that pop and communicate the right presence. Whether you’re looking for table covers for trade shows that will complement your kiosk, demonstration table, or allow you to talk one-on-one with a prospect, we have the options for you.

    Table Drapes

    Table Drapes

    Table Throws

    Table Throws

    Fitted Table Covers

    Fitted Table Covers

    Selecting Trade Show Table Covers

    Knowing the importance of projecting the right look, we suggest you strive for a color and logo scheme that matches your corporate identity or generates the right feeling. Certain colors create certain emotions. People will respond to your display and what is printed on the fabric. Keep in mind that dark color table covers work well with lighter colored logos. Black, dark blue and purple is better in moderation. White can either look clean and crisp or dull and boring, so be careful. The good news is that FLS Banner provides so many custom options so that you can capture your brand and display it on your very own table cover. 

    Contact us for more helpful advice on trade show table covers.

  • After you confirm your booth location, space, table sizes, and other display specifics, you'll want to order your exhibition table covers. If you really want to make an impact at the event, a custom table cover could be the key to boosting rapport at trade shows.

    For more than 30 years, we have been supplying companies with the finest custom table covers and giving them a leg-up on their competition. Choose your next exhibition table cover from options below:


    Table Runners

    Table Runners

    Fitted Table Covers

    Fitted Table Covers

    Table Drapes

    Table Drapes

    Avoid Drab Exhibit Drapes

    Our customers have learned that purchasing our high-quality exhibit table covers actually saves them money in the long-run. Rather than using what trade show exhibition services provide, our customers have enjoyed creating their own custom covers. Using a custom display really makes a difference. Our standard three-sided exhibition table covers pay for themselves in just three or four shows.

    Our patrons have also learned that personalizing one of our custom table covers ensures that they get noticed—and help justify the expense for exhibiting. FLS Banners offers a large variety of options for printed covers for your event table.

    Contact us today for an estimate!


    "I just wanted to Thank you, once again, for the wonderful job and customer service you provided Purdue Univ. Calumet. The table covers were well liked and having them available for the Graduate School Recruitment Open house was a plus. The room looked very nice with every table wearing one of your covers. I will be sure to direct orders your way. Thanks again."

    - Kathy
    Assistant to The Graduate School and the School of LASS Purdue Univ. Calumet Campus

  • Your One Stop Trade Show Table Cover Vendor

    When you’re hosting multiple vendors for an upcoming event or trade show, you will need a wide variety of event tablecloths. Some vendors care more about the color and texture, whereas others will care more about whether the cover is waterproof in case their beverages spill. Thanks to FLS Banners, you can find all the event tablecloths you need in one place. We offer a variety of displays to choose from, and the option to create your own custom printed table cover too.

    Round Table Cover

    Round Table Covers

    Fitted Table Covers

    Fitted Table Covers

    Table Throws

    Fitted Table Throws

    Convenient Catering Tablecloths

    We also offer a wide assortment of catering tablecloths with Velcro that will allow you to easily add on table skirting for an extra touch of class. We also sell vinyl cover protectors to slip over your standard event tablecloths for extra assurance with food and beverage service or changing weather patterns. No matter the situation, our trade show table covers have you taken care of.

    Contact us today for an estimate!

  • Most meeting planners know the importance of having professional table covers for business meetings and conferences. Whether they are working with a small space or a large veranda, setting the right image with coordinated conference table covers is important. While some people settle for a plain cover for their display table, using a custom table cover complete with your brand image and colors firmly establishes your brand identity. Select and purchase from our conference table covers for business below:

    Fitted Table Drape

    Fitted Table Drapes

    Table Throws

    Table Throws

    Table Runners

    Table Runners

    Our Experience Counts

    As a veteran in the industry, we use high-quality materials—including knit polyester, nylon and reinforced vinyl depending on your needs and whether you’re looking for heavy-duty outdoor conference tablecloths. We also offer excellent printing capabilities with two distinct methods: screen printing and DyeLux™ printing. Screen printing is ideal for 1 or 2-color spot conference tablecloths printing, and our innovative, digital DyeLux printing is made to produce vibrant, 4-color images for all forms of business table covers.

  • It can be hard figuring out what type of table cover to purchase. With so many choices, it can seem overwhelming. We have good news! Customizing your table cover can be done in 3 easy steps. Let us help!

    Step 1: Choose Your Style of Table Cover

    It’s important to match the right style of table cover to your venue. Seamless table covers offer different benefits than adjustable table covers or fitted table covers. It might be helpful to consider the type of event you’ll be attending.

    Are you an individual looking for a wedding table banner to add that personalized touch to your dream day, or do you work for a company and need a branded table cover with your logo for an upcoming trade show?

    Step 2: Choose Your Table Cover Fabric

    Fabric is a major determinant of what type of table cover you will need. We offer 3 types of fabrics: poly poplin (good), knit polyester (better), and flame retardant knit polyester (best). The type of fabric you choose for your table cover should be determined by the environment in which your table cover will be displayed. Note that some styles of table cover don’t come in all fabric options. For example, stretch table covers are only available in knit polyester.

    Polyester Poplin

    Poly poplin is a strong fabric that will withstand seasonal wear. Polyester poplin is wrinkle resistant, and as such, drapes well over tables to create an aesthetically pleasing table cover.

    Knit Polyester

    Knit polyester is our most popular fabric because the fabric is wrinkle-resistant and manageable. Knit polyester is light weight and easy to transport. Knit polyester table covers also offer high-impact print visibility, which will increase the quality of your table cover.

    Keep in mind, many trade show exhibitions require flame-retardant table covers. This is why we advise using flame-retardant knit polyester. Using flame-retardant knit polyester allows you to have the highest quality and safest fabric. If you’re not sure if an event will require flame-retardant table covers, it’s a safe decision to include it.

    Step 3: Choose Your Color of Table Cover

    Table cover After you figure out your venue and decide which style of table cover you want, it’s time to choose your colors. It’s critical to choose a color that grabs the attention of your audience, while clearly highlighting your message or brand. Ask yourself how you want your audience to feel, to think… and to act when they see your table cover.

    You can create a custom table cover to incorporate multiple colors, fonts and images, or have one with a simple design and minimal color and font.

    Notice how the plain blue background, single image and short phrase of this polyester table cover relays one idea to its audience: The Knights.

    Need more help in customizing your table cover? Give one of our table cover experts a call at #800-537-0463 or get a free proof!

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    Posted in Trade show banners By Quintin Crowe

    Both half and full backdrop banners continue to gain in popularity and for good reason. They are very cost effective, constructed from wrinkle-resistant fabric and easy to set up. But probably the most important advantage is that they allow companies to utilize more of the booth property for displaying their message and their brand.

    When using, Table Covers suggests customers call attention to their logo by positioning it at the top of the banner then create an eye-catching graphic that uses the vertical space to lists other specifics.

    Since you only have about 10 seconds to get an attendee’s attention, we advise against trying to list everything under the sun.  It is more important that your trade show banner can be quickly read. Focusing on your unique business proposition or offer makes the most sense then reinforcing this message with other elements in your booth.

    Two Types of Trade Show Banners

    There are advantages to using either a half or full backdrop banner.  Since your company is already paying for pipe and drape, why not replace the nondescript curtain provided with one that is customized for you. Both types of trade show banners can stretch across 10-foot wide booth.

    So think about ordering your backdrop banner today.

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Maximize your brand by adding prints to all sides of your custom logo table cover. One color or full color, one side or all sides - one low included price.*Custom table covers only.

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100% Guarantee

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