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  • Jun 27, 2019 10:43:40 AM


    Posted in Wedding banners By Smart Solutions

    personalized wedding bannersPlanning a wedding is both stressful and exciting. You want your special day to be memorable, and there are so many small and large details that go into the planning process. Whether you are planning your own wedding or are a wedding planning professional looking for help for your clients, one thing that can help set off the wedding and make it memorable is the use of custom wedding banners and table covers. FLS Banners has a number of products that work exceptionally well for weddings. Here is a closer look at what you can use to make your wedding distinctive. All of these products can be fully customized with our high quality printing services, making them truly unique and customized for your big day.

    Backdrop Banners Make a Great Photo Booth

    Photo booths are quickly becoming a staple of the modern wedding. They are a fun and festive way to capture your guests that works even better than a guest book, and they provide something to add to the festivities of the reception. Every good photo booth starts with the right backdrop, and FLS Banners can help.

    We offer large fabric popup display backdrop banners that are the perfect solution. While many photographers offer backdrops as part of their photo booth services, these backdrops are not personalized to your event. If you want to have a photo booth that stands out, you need a custom photo booth backdrop.

    Whether you choose a solid color that is in line with your wedding color scheme or customize the banner with your wedding logo, you will have the perfect spot to capture the memory of your guests. The durable fabric backdrop banner will stand up under many hours of use, and you will enjoy the custom look that it gives to your photo booth. With FLS Banners, all you need is a photographer and some photo booth props to get going!

    Custom Table Covers are a Nice Touch

    At your reception and even at the ceremony, you will have tables set up for people to sit at or for gifts. While you can use a white generic table cover for these, you can also dress up the space with a custom table cover. This will give your wedding a more personal, intimate touch.

    Add your name, the date of the venue, or a phrase you love. Choose custom table covers for every table in your reception hall, or order one to set off the head table and highlight the bride and groom. You can even get extra creative and use custom table covers for each table, indicating who will sit where. A table marked for groom’s family, bride’s family, and guests of either party can help people find their spots more easily. If you want guests to mingle, make the tables say “Take a seat, not a side!”

    FLS Banners has a number of different table cover designs for you to choose from. Find the one that matches your style, and start customizing it today to make your reception and ceremony locations look their best.

    Feather Flags Are Festive

    Custom wedding banners are not limited to photo booths and table covers. You can get custom feather flags to set off your festivities quite colorfully. Highlight the location of your party or wedding reception with personalized wedding banners that showcase your venue and your specific location. With the fabric waving in the breeze, your guests will be able to find their way to the ceremony or party with ease. You can choose any color to match your theme, then customize them with your name and date or your wedding message. They come with the stakes to securely place them in the ground, so you have nothing to worry about!

    Custom feather flags for your wedding use the industry-leading printing technology that FLS Banners is famous for. With double-sided printing, wide color selection, and lightweight, durable fabrics, these wedding banners will look great through your entire ceremony and reception. Use feather flags to direct your guests and make your wedding distinctive!

    Order Custom Banners for Your Wedding Today

    Do you have specific colors or designs in mind? Our custom banners are the perfect solution. FLS Banners will work with you to get the perfect banners or flags for every wedding. Contact us today to learn more!

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    Posted in Printed table covers Table covers with logos Wedding banners By FLS Banners

    Special events, such as weddings require special accents to mark the occasion. That’s why more and more customers are purchasing personalized wedding table runners.

    After the beauty of the bride and groom, nothing dresses up a reception banquet room better than wedding table covers and runners. You can order wedding banners for the head table or for everything, including buffet tables.

    Wedding Table Runner Wedding Table Runner

    Wedding Table Runner

    Have Fun When Ordering Table Covers

    Choose a special message; choose subtle or vibrant colors; or, choose to tie in with your invitation or your wedding colors. As a well-regarded wedding table runner vendor, there isn't any design or tablecloth style that we can't assist you with. Our knit polyester wedding table runners are great for indoor use being strong yet soft to the touch. Additionally, our nylon or vinyl wedding table covers are ideal for outdoor use.

    On your special day, consider custom runners instead of plain tablecloths. Give your tables a personal touch with table runners designed and delivered to you.

    Personalize your wedding table runner and order today!

  • Your One Stop Trade Show Table Cover Vendor

    When you’re hosting multiple vendors for an upcoming event or trade show, you will need a wide variety of event tablecloths. Some vendors care more about the color and texture, whereas others will care more about whether the cover is waterproof in case their beverages spill. Thanks to FLS Banners, you can find all the event tablecloths you need in one place. We offer a variety of displays to choose from, and the option to create your own custom printed table cover too.

    Round Table Cover

    Round Table Covers

    Fitted Table Covers

    Fitted Table Covers

    Table Throws

    Fitted Table Throws

    Convenient Catering Tablecloths

    We also offer a wide assortment of catering tablecloths with Velcro that will allow you to easily add on table skirting for an extra touch of class. We also sell vinyl cover protectors to slip over your standard event tablecloths for extra assurance with food and beverage service or changing weather patterns. No matter the situation, our trade show table covers have you taken care of.

    Contact us today for an estimate!

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    Using a table cover with a logo is the surest way to communicate the professionalism of your company and to gain brand recognition. Today, branding is not only a way of identifying and differentiating a company’s product but has evolved into communicating an actual promise. Don’t miss out. Select a table cover with a logo for your next event or trade show.


    Seabrook Table Drapes

    Table Drapes

    Mercury Table Banner

    Table Cover

    East Carolina Table Runner

    Table Runners

    Emphasize Your Identity

    Because many consumers are choosing to buy a “brand" instead of just a product, you’ll want to ensure that you display your identity prominently. And what better way than with logo table covers for trade shows? Using our custom table covers with your logo, you can easily print your corporate logo and create a consistent brand presence at all your events. Or you can promote a special program or campaign to ensure you will get the traction and traffic you desire.

  • May 15, 2013 11:35:00 AM


    Posted in Wedding banners By Cain Goettelman

    Whether you are a professiCustom Wedding Table Bannersonal wedding planner or a bride to be, you’re probably looking for fresh ideas that will add more flair to a ceremony and reception without a huge cost. Custom wedding banners are the answer. Not only can they reinforce the special union, but they can help overcome limitations of your venue too. For instance:

    • A wedding planned outside of a traditional venue, can be a challenge. To bring a sense of structure and intimacy, design a custom wedding banner to hang behind where vows will be exchanged. Besides displaying names and possible photo, why not display a phrase, poem or verse from scripture?
    • A wedding, off the beaten path, can confuse some guests and maoutside feather flagske them arrive late. To avoid this, have a couple of wedding flag banners printed and installed to help direct family and friends.
    • A reception hall that can seat far more people than your small wedding guest list also can be a challenge. Remember to arrange tables from the middle of the room outward (not the other way around). And consider having a custom wedding banner backdrop produced and hung, so guests have something other than empty space to look at. Using warm, intense colors for your banner, and table covers, will help reflect light and add more intimacy.

    Good luck on whichever ideas you choose.

  • Apr 13, 2013 4:39:41 PM


    Posted in Wedding banners By Cain Goettelman

    Ask any wedding planner, and they’ll agree. Small accents can make a big difference. Instead of going to the extreme, such as having chocolate wax seals or calligraphy rock placecard holders, use a personalized wedding banner to make your wedding day more memorable.

    Sure the wedding is the big event capping months of planning. But there are other memorable milestones along the way of the union where a personalized wedding banner can also add just the right touch. engagement party bannersWhy not consider a wedding banner for the engagement party? Not only will it help formalize the event, it can also help remind friends and family members to save the date. Our engagement party and bridal shower banners can be printed on flowing polyester or sturdy vinyl depending on an inside or outside venue.

    Another idea is to surprise the couple with a personalized wedding banner at their home upon returning from the honeymoon. Offering another, totally unexpected congratulations afterward, can help avoid the letdown that many couples experience after so much fun and excitement!

    So think “out-of-box” for creative uses for wedding banners. As you can see accentuating a gift table or displaying one behind the head table are only two ideas. Check out our fabric colors now.

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