Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and other distribution partners are known for having limited marketing capabilities and resources at their disposal. Many don’t employ full-time marketing staff and find it hard to have the bandwidth necessary for delivering a coherent image at trade shows.

You, as a manufacturer, can help your VARS by ordering pre-made customized table covers (at volume discounts). This will ensure on-brand consistency and ensure that your VARS are delivering a coordinated visual statement that will get attention when getting attention matters most—at competitive venues like trade shows and exhibits.

Table Throw with Logo Done Right

Table Throw with Logo

Color can speak volumes about your company—make sure it’s properly supporting your company across your entire channel. Leatrice Eiseman, color consultant and director of the Pantone Color Institute says, "Humans have a psychological, physiological, and associational response to color, which is so engrained in the human psyche that we respond to color without overtly knowing we've had a reaction.” So before you order a quantity of table throws with logo, we suggest you consider the right placement and size of the logo—or logos. The general rule is to give prominence relative to each partner’s contribution. And, of course, select exactly the right color.

See options for table throw with logo now. And enjoy price breaks when ordering quantities of 6, 24, and 50.