Ask any wedding planner, and they’ll agree. Small accents can make a big difference. Instead of going to the extreme, such as having chocolate wax seals or calligraphy rock placecard holders, use a personalized wedding banner to make your wedding day more memorable.

Sure the wedding is the big event capping months of planning. But there are other memorable milestones along the way of the union where a personalized wedding banner can also add just the right touch. engagement party bannersWhy not consider a wedding banner for the engagement party? Not only will it help formalize the event, it can also help remind friends and family members to save the date. Our engagement party and bridal shower banners can be printed on flowing polyester or sturdy vinyl depending on an inside or outside venue.

Another idea is to surprise the couple with a personalized wedding banner at their home upon returning from the honeymoon. Offering another, totally unexpected congratulations afterward, can help avoid the letdown that many couples experience after so much fun and excitement!

So think “out-of-box” for creative uses for wedding banners. As you can see accentuating a gift table or displaying one behind the head table are only two ideas. Check out our fabric colors now.