Table Cover FabricsNothing adds eye-appeal to an exhibit more than a bold dash of color and trade show table covers are an easy way to add this color. In fact, the simple technique of draping a table with a fabric table cover can add style to an event or exhibit space. So as you’re planning your lighting, AV requirements and booth accessories, don’t forget to order the perfect fabric table cover too.

Trade Show Table CoversMany vendors, such as Table Covers, offer several fabrics depending on the look you want to covey and the venue your company plans to participate in. Knit polyester is definitely the most versatile of all fabric table covers by offering the best color selection and printing surface for screen and digital high-impact printing. It also stays looking good even with lots of wear. Nylon, a second option, provides a sportier and heavier draped look that is best suited for table covers requiring clean fitted corners. A third option is vinyl that’s best suited for outdoor exhibits or for food and beverage displays because it’s water-proof.

To summarize: let fabric table covers add the splash of color needed for your display. To choose the best fabric, just consider the design of your display and the type of events you will be participating in.