When you are looking to design a custom table cover that fits your branding and stands out from the crowd, the style of the table cover matters just as much as the color of the cover and the printed logo design. While there are several styles of table covers available, fitted table covers and contour table covers are some of the most popular. But what is the difference between fitted and contour covers? Which is right for you?

Benefits of Fitted Table Covers

Table covers that are fitted are made to perfectly fit a certain table dimension. The fabric is stitched so that each side of the table is covered, but remains comparatively loose over each side. Fitted table covers retain the look of a traditional fitted tablecloth but eliminates the wrinkles that often plague standard drapes. As opposed to contour covers, which are made to stretch over a table, fitted table covers are intended to drape over the table similar to a tablecloth.

Benefits of Contour Table Covers

Contour table covers are also known as stretch table covers. This is because they are made of flexible polyester fabric as to stretch over the entirety of a table. The contour shape of this kind of table cover shows off your logo or design very well. Unlike the fitted table cover, the stretch table cover can fit more variety of rectangular tables, rather than a specific size.

Other Styles of Table Covers

While contour and fitted table covers are popular choices, there are many styles of table covers available.

Table Throws - These covers can be custom printed and loosely fit over a table.

Table Runners - Table runners are essentially two-sided table covers that run the length of the table.

Open Back Table Covers - These types of table covers cover three sides of the table while leaving the back open for easy access under the trade show table.

All table covers made by FLS Banners are flame retardant and have many full color options. Our dye-sublimation process makes it easy for you to add your logo and build a custom table cover printed to your specifications.

Which Table Cover Style is Right for You?

So now that we have gone over a few basics, you should have a better idea of which table cover is right for your needs. If you still aren't sure, reach out to our support team for more information. They are here to answer your questions and help set you up for your next trade show or event. Shop table cover styles now!