nurses-using-fls-banners-face-masks[Sturgeon Bay, WI, April 24, 2020] For 40 years, FLS Banners has been associated with producing custom printed premium promotional materials such as flags, banners and table covers. The Sturgeon Bay, WI company however quickly shifted focus to creating fabric face masks and protective isolation gowns. FLS Banners is thrilled to have found a way to aid our national and local community by helping to protect front line personnel and the general public with isolation gowns and fabric masks designed to assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

In breaking the stigma associated with wearing a mask, we’ve made a point to create custom printed face masks that showcase: creativity using local artists, humor using animal faces, fun patterns for kids, patriotic designs like, ‘Heroes Wear Scrubs’ and a multitude of creative categories. All designs help people choose to make a statement, bring a smile, or just laugh out loud. FLS Banners is helping break the barriers of awkward and potentially painful times by using this new found accessory for good.

old-glory-usa-face-maskThe masks, recommended by the CDC, are custom printed using the same dyes used in our other printing process and that are approved by OEKO TEX. Over 70 custom designs are available to choose from! More than the creativity, we wanted our masks to fit like no other on the market. We dove into a rapid design and prototyping phase to create a contour shape that fits well and allows you to still move your jaw and be comfortable to wear all day. The result is our Fashion Contour Fabric Face mask that comes in three sizes ensuring a proper fit from kids, youths to adults.

The mask material is made of high thread count 100% brushed polyester that is both durable and comfortable. We recommend that fabric masks be machine washed with detergent after use.

Each face mask features an adjustable cord with a slide lock. This system was designed to ensure that younger children and those of us that are less flexible can easily put on the mask. The biggest benefit of the cord is all-day comfort. The number one complaint from people who have to wear masks is that their ears start hurting after a short time. The masks also feature an adjustable wire nose bridge for a custom fit. The adjustable bridge is a huge benefit if you wear glasses or need a tighter seal. The masks also have an insert pocket to allow additional filters to be inserted for extra protection.

“We’re a group of people that like to get together and make things every day and we all get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a finished product. There is an additional level of satisfaction knowing that we are going to help some people that are really in need and help people overcome the new normal.” - Cain Goettelman (FLS Banners President)

“Even before making the switch to PPE, FLS Banners was already considered essential.” - Local 5 ABC News - We Are Green Bay

The FLS Banners team is hard at work producing these new products and developing new solutions to help the public during this unprecedented pandemic. We saw the need for PPE, especially gowns and masks, every night on the news to the point of frustration. Then it occurred to us that we use a film in our traditional business that might work for a gown. This started the process of testing and design. We were able to design and manufacture an effective disposable gown that was far superior to trash bags and other makeshift gear front line health care workers were resorting to. Our clients have told us these gowns are crucial to help protect first responders, EMS, fire, and rescue in addition to nurses and doctors. Finding a way to make a small difference helps our team to focus on energy enabling FLS Banners to make an impact on others during the pandemic.

FLS Banners also continues to print banners, flags and popup tents for COVID-19 testing sites to aid in directing the flow of traffic, and therefore reducing patient exposure to the virus.

FLS Banners Partners with The Milwaukee Mask Co.

The Milwaukee Mask Co. is a member of the FLS family. Milwaukee Mask was the original name of the corporation when it was founded in 1974. Current family members decided it was time to revive Milwaukee Mask specifically to do what they do best, produce fun, stylish, and comfortable cloth face masks that people will want to wear.

This exciting partnership will better help get these unique face masks to the public in their time of need. The Milwaukee Mask Co. and FLS Banners are thrilled with this new initiative.

About FLS Banners

FLS has been a trusted provider of custom table covers, flags, and banners for more than 40 years. Our knowledge, use of quality fabrics, and superior digital print techniques continue to make us the industry leader.

Thanks to our vast printing experience, we help businesses create the professional impact they want, at a fraction of the cost of any other medium. We can accommodate simple, 1 or 2-color, personalized table cover designs through screen printing, as well as complex 3 or 4-color designs through dye-sub, digital printing. Our processes ensure high-quality personalized table covers at an affordable price.

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