When creating a memorable trade show booth, there are several factors to consider. Being creative with your design, choosing the right promotional products, and presenting your brand message are all important aspects in having a successful trade show. With a few ideas for your booth, you could attract more attendees than before to your exhibit.

What makes a booth stand out at a trade show? There are rows and rows of tables and banners but what makes any particular trade show booth stick out to you? With some investment in time, money, and effort, you can create a unique booth that visitors will remember.

Here are some recommended tips and ideas for creating an engaging trade show booth, standing out from other exhibitors, and even attract potential new customers.

1. Be Unique - Creative Expression Goes a Long Way

2. Offer Company Swag

3. Play Games - With Prizes

4. Be Sure to Demo your Products/Services

5. Implement Technology and be Active on Social Media

Make a Creative Trade Show Booth

The first of our trade show booth ideas covers the booth itself. Expect to invest a bit of money and time in creating the foundational part of a successful trade show endeavor. After all, good marketing requires that you show customers that you are to be taken seriously.

Investing in a quality booth will be good for your ROI because it can be used over and over at trade show exhibits or other events for years to come. We recommend taking a look at some of our trade show booth kits to get started. Of course, you can always speak with a representative at FLS Banners to create a custom display that accurately represents your company brand. We carry 8ft and 10ft banners that are sure to attract compliments. When it comes to showing off your company's brand, quality custom printing is necessary. We use a sublimated-dye printing process that accurately represents the graphics unique to your brand and specifications.

Provide Quality Swag and Promotional Giveaways

Everybody likes free stuff. So why not make some friends and hand out free swag? Giveaways are an excellent way to attract visitors and spark conversation. The more unique your giveaway swag is, the more likely your company will stick in your guests' minds. Skip the pens and think outside the box with your trade show swag.

Play Games with Prizes

Continuing along the lines of swag giveaways, hosting simple games to win prizes is another excellent option when looking for creative ways to capture attendee's attention. A fun game that trade show attendees can join in and interact with tends to draw a crowd. Even at a serious "all-business" trade show event, putting a smile on a potential customer's face will help break down walls and reach people with a little fun.

Be Sure to Demo Your Products or Services

Now that you have your potential customers' attention, what do you do next? Being able to effectively explain or demonstrate your products or services to your audience is just as important as bringing people to you in the first place. Practice putting together a simple and short demonstration that addresses important questions your audience might have about the product or service you offer. Be ready to answer questions and provide and gather contact information for follow-up calls and referrals.

Implement Technology and Be Active On Social Media

Not only can technology make your trade show experience more efficient and positive, it can also impress attendees too. Digital signage and interactive touch screens are becoming popular at trade shows. Don't have the budget for this kind of tech? Even touch screen tablets (such as iPads) can be a great touch to your trade show table. Mounting hardware will keep it in place and within easy reach of visitors. Demonstrate your products on-screen with a short video, invite people to download an ebook, app, sign up for your email newsletter, phone messaging system, or other type of digital media you may have. Of course, don't forget to ask visitors to "like", follow, subscribe, or otherwise tune in on social media.

The use of social media is important to broadcast from the show and keep audiences up-to-date. You invested in trade show booth, why not show it off? Be sure to let people know where they can find your exhibit at the trade show on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms your customers tend to use.

Start your next event or trade show off with a fresh new look! Look like a veteran trade show exhibitor even if it's your first time.

Our team is happy to help you get the promotional banners, table covers, backdrops, and flags you need to make a splash. Contact FLS Banners to get started with the first step, the trade show booth!