Proof of Seal for Made in the USAWith pride, Table Covers can claim the distinction as having “Products Made in the USA.” Other vendors also make this claim, but actually get their base fabric overseas. Since fabric constitutes the majority of the cost of table covers, we question the truthfulness of their claims.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a product must be "all or virtually all" made in the US to be called Made in USA and of domestic origin. "All or virtually all" leaves a loophole for other table cover manufacturers to get their base table cover fabric from overseas. This is not a practice we use at Table Covers. Our table cover manufacturing process is located here in the United States.

Why Fabric Made in the USA is Best

Besides the American fabric misrepresentation, there are other factors tied to the importation of fabric that you, as a consumer, should consider. One is the extra cost that could be passed on to you. The other is the environmental cost to you and our planet. Carbon, known as an accelerant to the world’s ongoing environmental woes, fuels the container ships. And these ships burn bunker fuel that’s cheaper than marine diesel, but is much dirtier. The reason why its exhaust is vented under the ship is so the public can’t see the destruction from the pollutants in their wake.

By contrast, our knit polyester is fabric made in the USA. By not purchasing from overseas, we not only support the American textile manufacturers and their American employees, but help the environment through minimal transportation costs. Our table covers are also designed, printed, cut and sewn here in the U.S. Even our carry cases and packaging materials are made within US borders.