Good news! You don't have to trim down the professional or elegant atmosphere you want to create for your next outdoor event. Thanks to FLS Banner's durable covers that serve as a sturdy protector over knit polyester, your next outdoor event or wedding can set the mood you want—without compromise.

If you are concerned about the outdoor elements damaging your table covers, FLS Banner's knit polyester table covers are a great choice. They look great, can be custom printed, and are very durable. Our sturdy fabric options protect your cover design over the long run. FLS Banner products are resistant to sun, rain, liquids, and use over time. Our table covers are made to last which is why they are the best choice for your outdoor events!

A common problem with outdoor events is wind blowing away promotional material. While many people resort to using weights to keep their tablecloths from flying away, there is a better solution. Using one our fitted table covers remedies this problem. The cover itself clings to the table, perfectly fitting over the top and sides. Since these table covers stretch to fit, rather than rest over it, you won't have to worry about it flipping over or blowing off.

If an outdoor table cover is right for you, Contact us to get an estimate.

Table Throws

Knit Polyester Table Throws