So you’re pleased with how well your new table cover has been printed. The Dye Sublimation process produced a more vivid and professionally looking polyester table drape than you imagined. Now begs the question whether to pack it up in storage since your busy trade show season is over or continue to use it by finding creative ways to display it?

If you choose to pack yours away, think about storing it in our specialized table cover storage bag.  The bag's unique design will help keep your table cover wrinkle-free and looking great for its next use.

Many of our customers also find creative ways to continue to use their table drapes. Some will add it to their lobby furnishings where they display customer-facing resources and collateral—or drape it over some boring cubicle walls. Others find ways to get more mileage out of their table drape through community outreach opportunities.

All in all, a good-quality table drape is a good investment. Not only for the trade show group who formally prepares for a company’s presence at trade shows and large exhibitions—but in less obvious ways too, by adding a quick splash of your company’s brand.