Customers always ask us, “What are the absolute basic display items that we need for making a good showing at an upcoming trade show or conference?”  And our response is it really depends.

Since trade shows and business conferences allow start-ups to create brand awareness and more established organizations to reinforce their market leadership, both sized companies must first consider their goals then try to balance presentation, potential branding impact with overall budget. One display item that can satisfy all three is a trade show table drape. Besides being cost-effective, a table drape provides the easiest way to add a company’s logo and brand image to an exhibit space.

A trade show table drape is also wonderfully flexible. We, at Table Covers, can help you create a clean and professional table drape or one printed with high-impact and amazing 4-color graphics.

Table drapes also give companies a good return on their investment because they can be leveraged in other areas, such as:

  •  Setup in company’s lobby or reception areas
  • Community outreach events
  • Job recruiting fairs

So if we have to pick just one display item that is a must: it would be a trade show table drape. Get one or update yours today.