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  • trade-show-eventTrade shows offer a fantastic opportunity to move past the typical barriers inherent in marketing and get connected with the right customers. A well-prepared trade show booth can greatly increase your networking success. Whether you are a veteran or a brand new to the trade show scene, planning for the big event can be a daunting task. There are a number of steps to take before, during, and after your trade show. Here is a helpful checklist of tips and ideas to help you plan for your next trade show event.

    Pre-Trade Show Checklist

    1. Let's start with the basics. If you already know what your goals are for your trip and the message of your exhibit, next take a look at creating a vendor presentation for your booth. This can be optional but highly recommended.

    2. Next, pick your exhibitor space. Exhibit spaces usually go quickly, so it's best to act early and pick a spot that will fit your booth and offer the most exposure before it's taken. The best exhibiting spaces are usually near the front entrance of the trade show. If you can't secure a space near the front, at the very least find a corner or the end of the aisle to get maximum exposure.

    3. Once you have a spot picked out, it's time to design your trade show booth. There are many types of promotional materials available; from trade show banners, flags, table covers, and other trade show displays, really your budget and event space is the limit. FLS Banners offers convenient trade show display kits perfect for creating a great-looking booth that saves you time and money putting one together.

    4. Now it's time to create your trade show banners, booth materials, handouts, and other promotional products. This part of the process can take some time to prepare. Again, earlier is a good idea! FLS Banners offers a three-day proofing process and always priority shipping. Once you have submitted your order and graphics or logo via our easy online process, your trade show booth materials will be ready in no time!

    5. What else will you need printed or prepped before the big event? If you have fliers, pamphlets, stickers, or other kinds of handouts, you should get those ordered too. Will you be hosting a giveaway? Make sure prizes are in order.

    6. Make travel arrangements to and from the trade show for all staff that will be going. Everything from plane tickets, hotel rooms, transportation, and more will be booked quickly. Make sure you have arrangements prepared well in advance.

    7. Get the word out about your upcoming trade show event. Let current and potential customers know what event you will be at, where they can find you, and invite them to come. Using your email marketing list or social media accounts are good ways to do so.

    8. Get packing! Even if your booth materials have yet to arrive, it's always good to get a head start on putting together the essential supplies. Business cards zip-ties scissors First-Aid pens and highlighters paper clips multi-tool rubber bands stapler extension cords and surge protectors tape post-it notes comfortable shoes

    During the Show Checklist

    Depending on your goals for the trade show event, you may have a certain number of new leads you would like to gather or industry leaders you would like to network with. It often helps to put these goals on paper for you and your team. Be sure to:

    1. Be active. Keep moving, engage attendees, and promote positive body language. Your actions will stir engagement and attract more potential leads. Get out on the floor and make some new friends!

    2. Ask questions. Instigate the conversation with a question. By sparking genuine conversation, most attendees will be willing to discuss what you do.

    3. Be ready to demonstrate your product or service from memory. The more prepared you are, the more confidence you will generate, and the more you will impact a potential lead.

    4. Take lots of notes and be a good listener. At an average trade show, you will interact with hundreds of attendees. Most likely, you won't remember every detail of every conversation so it helps to take notes. Write down names, companies, titles, and other important details of each promising interaction. Take names and contact information as much as you hand out yours.

    5. Stay active on social media during the event. Make sure you are keeping your followers up-to-date on the event and what your team is doing.

    Post-Trade Show Checklist

    1. Revisit your notes and follow up. Who did you talk to? What did you learn? While the information is still fresh, send your new contacts a brief email to reconnect after the event. Make sure your follow up is prompt. You could sweeten the deal by extending special pricing, free trials, free samples, or other strategy to encourage a response.

    2. Apply what you learned. Go over your feedback surveys and recall verbal feedback you received during the event. Make sure you implement the feedback for your next trade show event. As some may argue, a trade show is only as good as you take home from it.

    With preparation and a little skill, you can make yours a success by connecting with your audience and learning from your experience. Are you ready for the big event? Contact FLS Banners and order your trade show display materials today!


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  • When creating a memorable trade show booth, there are several factors to consider. Being creative with your design, choosing the right promotional products, and presenting your brand message are all important aspects in having a successful trade show. With a few ideas for your booth, you could attract more attendees than before to your exhibit.

    What makes a booth stand out at a trade show? There are rows and rows of tables and banners but what makes any particular trade show booth stick out to you? With some investment in time, money, and effort, you can create a unique booth that visitors will remember.

    Here are some recommended tips and ideas for creating an engaging trade show booth, standing out from other exhibitors, and even attract potential new customers.

    1. Be Unique - Creative Expression Goes a Long Way

    2. Offer Company Swag

    3. Play Games - With Prizes

    4. Be Sure to Demo your Products/Services

    5. Implement Technology and be Active on Social Media

    Make a Creative Trade Show Booth

    The first of our trade show booth ideas covers the booth itself. Expect to invest a bit of money and time in creating the foundational part of a successful trade show endeavor. After all, good marketing requires that you show customers that you are to be taken seriously.

    Investing in a quality booth will be good for your ROI because it can be used over and over at trade show exhibits or other events for years to come. We recommend taking a look at some of our trade show booth kits to get started. Of course, you can always speak with a representative at FLS Banners to create a custom display that accurately represents your company brand. We carry 8ft and 10ft banners that are sure to attract compliments. When it comes to showing off your company's brand, quality custom printing is necessary. We use a sublimated-dye printing process that accurately represents the graphics unique to your brand and specifications.

    Provide Quality Swag and Promotional Giveaways

    Everybody likes free stuff. So why not make some friends and hand out free swag? Giveaways are an excellent way to attract visitors and spark conversation. The more unique your giveaway swag is, the more likely your company will stick in your guests' minds. Skip the pens and think outside the box with your trade show swag.

    Play Games with Prizes

    Continuing along the lines of swag giveaways, hosting simple games to win prizes is another excellent option when looking for creative ways to capture attendee's attention. A fun game that trade show attendees can join in and interact with tends to draw a crowd. Even at a serious "all-business" trade show event, putting a smile on a potential customer's face will help break down walls and reach people with a little fun.

    Be Sure to Demo Your Products or Services

    Now that you have your potential customers' attention, what do you do next? Being able to effectively explain or demonstrate your products or services to your audience is just as important as bringing people to you in the first place. Practice putting together a simple and short demonstration that addresses important questions your audience might have about the product or service you offer. Be ready to answer questions and provide and gather contact information for follow-up calls and referrals.

    Implement Technology and Be Active On Social Media

    Not only can technology make your trade show experience more efficient and positive, it can also impress attendees too. Digital signage and interactive touch screens are becoming popular at trade shows. Don't have the budget for this kind of tech? Even touch screen tablets (such as iPads) can be a great touch to your trade show table. Mounting hardware will keep it in place and within easy reach of visitors. Demonstrate your products on-screen with a short video, invite people to download an ebook, app, sign up for your email newsletter, phone messaging system, or other type of digital media you may have. Of course, don't forget to ask visitors to "like", follow, subscribe, or otherwise tune in on social media.

    The use of social media is important to broadcast from the show and keep audiences up-to-date. You invested in trade show booth, why not show it off? Be sure to let people know where they can find your exhibit at the trade show on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms your customers tend to use.

    Start your next event or trade show off with a fresh new look! Look like a veteran trade show exhibitor even if it's your first time.

    Our team is happy to help you get the promotional banners, table covers, backdrops, and flags you need to make a splash. Contact FLS Banners to get started with the first step, the trade show booth!


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  • seg-backlit-trade-show-displayIf you are looking for a way to make your trade show booth or event space "pop", SEG backlit displays are it!

    Backlit trade show displays are one of the latest innovations in promotional and advertising tools used by professionals. These special backlit pop up banners utilize LED lights to illuminate a printed design beautifully. The clear, bright LEDs bring an extra definition to your custom graphics.

    Although backlit banners use a specialized fabric in order to let the LED light show through, any custom graphics can be printed on it, much like an ordinary display. The difference, however, is remarkable!

    How Backlit Banners Work

    Backlit pop up displays are made of specialized material that is light and durable that lets the backlighting through, illuminating special designs or graphics printed onto the front.

    The backlit fabric is stretched precisely across a lightweight aluminum frame that contains the LEDs. This frame is also called the light box. Setup and takedown for these kinds of backdrop displays are deceptively easy and the lights plug directly into a wall outlet.

    About SEG Pop Up Banners

    SEG backlit displays come in multiple sizes and are either SEG pop up displays or backlit vector frames. These types of displays are flexible in that they are modular. The frames can be interconnected which allows you to expand your trade show booth as you see fit. SEG stands for silicone edge graphics. SEG is the specialized fabric used for backlit pop up banners. SEG is a fabric graphic that is dye-sublimated at a high-resolution. The graphic is finished with a thin silicone strip sewn directly to the edge of the graphic. The SEG fabric must be precisely fitted so that it is taut when installed onto the display frame.

    Benefits of Backlit Trade Show Displays

    There are many advantages and benefits of using a backlit display at a trade show compared to your average backdrop display.

    • Draw attention to your trade show booth unlike any other display. The bright LED lights enhance the impact of your banner graphics.
    • Make your logo stand out to the consumer's eye. Highlight the features of your business and what you offer. Present a memorable first impression.
    • Portable trade show booths at its best. Backlit displays provide maximum impact while reducing the weight and size of a much bulkier display. They are lightweight and easy to assemble.
    • Fully customizable, from the size of the frame and display to the graphics custom printed on the banner itself.
    • High-quality dye-sublimated printing. FLS Banners has decades of experience in custom printing with special attention to detail.

    With backlit trade show banners, you don't need to sacrifice convenience or time for an exhibit booth that really stands out from the rest. Bring that extra edge to your next expo or trade show that attracts visitors your way.

    Coming soon: SEG backlit displays with custom printing by FLS Banners. Stay tuned!

    Contact FLS Banners today to get started creating your very own custom trade show display for your next exhibit!


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  • Get your message across with our table top displays. These very functional tabletop displays lets you tell your story with colorful photographs and text, so the message really sinks in. There modular construction gives clients a variety of size options. Shown here is a 24" X 36" three panel, with header pop-up display. The banner pop-up header is optional and can be printed with your graphic, from a file you supply. Velcro tabs hold fabric display elements conveniently in place.

    Table Top Display Table Top Display

    Starts at $299.00.

    Contact Us for more details or purchase.

  • Proof of Seal for Made in the USAWith pride, Table Covers can claim the distinction as having “Products Made in the USA.” Other vendors also make this claim, but actually get their base fabric overseas. Since fabric constitutes the majority of the cost of table covers, we question the truthfulness of their claims.

    According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a product must be "all or virtually all" made in the US to be called Made in USA and of domestic origin. "All or virtually all" leaves a loophole for other table cover manufacturers to get their base table cover fabric from overseas. This is not a practice we use at Table Covers. Our table cover manufacturing process is located here in the United States.

    Why Fabric Made in the USA is Best

    Besides the American fabric misrepresentation, there are other factors tied to the importation of fabric that you, as a consumer, should consider. One is the extra cost that could be passed on to you. The other is the environmental cost to you and our planet. Carbon, known as an accelerant to the world’s ongoing environmental woes, fuels the container ships. And these ships burn bunker fuel that’s cheaper than marine diesel, but is much dirtier. The reason why its exhaust is vented under the ship is so the public can’t see the destruction from the pollutants in their wake.

    By contrast, our knit polyester is fabric made in the USA. By not purchasing from overseas, we not only support the American textile manufacturers and their American employees, but help the environment through minimal transportation costs. Our table covers are also designed, printed, cut and sewn here in the U.S. Even our carry cases and packaging materials are made within US borders.



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  • Whether you are a professiCustom Wedding Table Bannersonal wedding planner or a bride to be, you’re probably looking for fresh ideas that will add more flair to a ceremony and reception without a huge cost. Custom wedding banners are the answer. Not only can they reinforce the special union, but they can help overcome limitations of your venue too. For instance:

    • A wedding planned outside of a traditional venue, can be a challenge. To bring a sense of structure and intimacy, design a custom wedding banner to hang behind where vows will be exchanged. Besides displaying names and possible photo, why not display a phrase, poem or verse from scripture?
    • A wedding, off the beaten path, can confuse some guests and maoutside feather flagske them arrive late. To avoid this, have a couple of wedding flag banners printed and installed to help direct family and friends.
    • A reception hall that can seat far more people than your small wedding guest list also can be a challenge. Remember to arrange tables from the middle of the room outward (not the other way around). And consider having a custom wedding banner backdrop produced and hung, so guests have something other than empty space to look at. Using warm, intense colors for your banner, and table covers, will help reflect light and add more intimacy.

    Good luck on whichever ideas you choose.


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  • Ask any wedding planner, and they’ll agree. Small accents can make a big difference. Instead of going to the extreme, such as having chocolate wax seals or calligraphy rock placecard holders, use a personalized wedding banner to make your wedding day more memorable.

    Sure the wedding is the big event capping months of planning. But there are other memorable milestones along the way of the union where a personalized wedding banner can also add just the right touch. engagement party bannersWhy not consider a wedding banner for the engagement party? Not only will it help formalize the event, it can also help remind friends and family members to save the date. Our engagement party and bridal shower banners can be printed on flowing polyester or sturdy vinyl depending on an inside or outside venue.

    Another idea is to surprise the couple with a personalized wedding banner at their home upon returning from the honeymoon. Offering another, totally unexpected congratulations afterward, can help avoid the letdown that many couples experience after so much fun and excitement!

    So think “out-of-box” for creative uses for wedding banners. As you can see accentuating a gift table or displaying one behind the head table are only two ideas. Check out our fabric colors now.


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  • use of branded table cover in store demoPoint of purchase displays are valuable to manufacturers, brokers, as well as store owners. Especially when displays are well positioned in high traffic areas at retailers, supermarkets and warehouse superstores like Costco and Sam’s Club.

    One key is to make sure your in store demonstrations will appeal to the masses and interest all groups of potential consumers. Because there’s nothing worse than standing up around the clock from Friday through Sunday and only have a few takers.

    The other key to in store demonstrations is to demonstrate the grPoint of purchase displayseatness of your product rather just telling someone about it. This is where we come in. We specialize in branded table covers and display banners that are engaging and cost effective. Table cover sizes can accommodate 4, 6 or 8-foot tables. Banners can be pop-up or draped. And both can be digitally or screen printed for the effect you want.

    So really show off the benefits of your products by utilizing point of purchase displays from us.


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  • There’s no need to limit your sponsoring options to venues that are only indoors. Thanks to Table-Covers and our dye-sublimation fabric printing techniques, you can get excellent design and brand graphic printing on material that will hold up to weather conditions, such as moisture and sun.

    So throw out your old mindset and take a fresh look at other events that would be good for your company to be associated with—and events that will bring you greater business and community visibility. Then leave it to us to help you with the right outdoor accessories: outdoor banners, outdoor table covers and outdoor feather flags.

    feather flagsWe offer three types of outdoor feather flags from standout, natural to bow-shaped thavinyl fitted table covert are held open, at all times, requiring no breeze to be read. We also offer retractable, custom printed outdoor banners and full color fitted vinyl outdoor table covers that will help you create a subtle, yet attention-generating event presence.


    Posted in Outdoor table covers By Cain Goettelman
  • The luxury of huge budgets are no longer a given for expo displays. With the economy, customers want more “bang for their buck” when spending money on marketing, promotion and exhibitions. Below we share five trade show display ideas that have helped our customers have a positive exhibit experience even on a tight budget.

    1. Stay Up with Trends - Look through industry literature related to yPopular colors of draped table coversour business to see the current trends in marketing, colors, and presentation of information. This will ensure what you buy is a good investment for the near-term.
    2. Gain Additional Inspiration – Gain inspiration from trade show exhibit websites and trade show display designers to freshen and update your booth and table covers for this year.Latest color for draped table cover
    3. Choose Right Booth Staff - Choose staff who will give the right energy and presence for your company. It’s really amazing how the right staff can have a huge impact on trade show display results. Also give them a table to work from that displays a professionally draped table cover.
    4. Keep It Simple – Think simplicity when planning and purchasing booth elements like expo display table covers. This way, you can alter them easily for a different look at future trade shows, e.g., adding a more customized table banner to more generic table covers.
    5. Choose Vendors Wisely - Probably one of the most important things to do when working with a tight expo display budget is to choose vendors wisely. Be confident in their abilities and their quality assurance, so the chance of paying for costly rework or speedier shipping expenses is eliminated.

    All in all, the above trade show display ideas will stack things in your favor—and help you avoid going over budget. Contact Table-Covers for additional help.



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