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  • Golf season is here! Whether you are in charge of a facility and need the right flags to mark holes and promote your sponsors, or you are a sponsor yourself who wants to ensure that your sponsor signs are as professional as they should be, custom golf flags are the answer. FLS Banners offers a wide range of golf flags to meet your needs, with full-color printing and customization available.

    What Is the Difference Between Tube Insert and Traditional Golf Flags?

    At FLS Banners, you have the option to choose between tube insert and traditional golf flag. Tube insert golf flags are a versatile option that can be quickly switched out after a tournament when new sponsors need to be promoted. These flags have a tube insert sewn onto the side hem where you can fit the display pole, allowing the full flag length to be displayed while the flag is securely hanging on the pole.

    Traditional golf flags have three grommet attachment rings on the side, rather than a pole insert. These are clipped on to the pole, standing out from the flag through grommet attachments. These flags have reinforcements on the end by the grommets, so the flag can fly freely without tearing or damaging the fabric.

    Both tube insert and traditional golf flags are a great option for golf tournament signage. With FLS Banners, you can create custom signs that will be an asset to your next golf event.

    About Golf Tournament Sponsor Flags

    A golf tournament can only be a success with sponsors, and sponsors deserve to have their investment highlighted. Custom golf flags with the logo of tournament sponsors provide the advertising that they deserve as a result of their sponsorship, and FLS Banners makes it simple and fast to order your custom golf sponsorship signs.

    Golf sponsor flags can fly anywhere on your tournament grounds. They allow your tournament supporters to proudly show their support, while giving the tournament planning committee a way to decorate the golf course for the day. At FLS Banners, golf sponsor flags are printed in full color, with double-side printing options, so your design displays clearly. At the end of the tournament, these flags make a great memento for sponsors to thank them for their support. Golf sponsorship flags are regulation size at 14”H x 20”W.

    About Hole Sponsor Flags

    Hole sponsor flags are another option for sponsors to show their support of your golf tournament or other event. These custom golf flags feature a full-color logo just like the other sponsorship flags, but also have the number of the hole printed clearly on each side of the flag. These are regulation size 14”H x 20”W flags and come in either traditional or tube style.

    Create Your Custom Golf Flags for Your Next Event!

    Custom golf sponsor flags will make your next event a success. They give you an option to allow sponsors advertisement, while also adding color and flair to the golf course during the course of the event. FLS Banners offers a wide range of options for your custom golf flags, including double and single-sided custom printing, an easy graphic submission process, and the option to make bulk orders. Whether you are a company who regularly sponsors golf tournaments and wants a stash of flags ready to go, or you are a tournament planner who wants to provide your sponsors with the right flags for their needs, you can trust us and our fast printing and shipping process.

    Reach out to FLS Banners today to start designing your custom golf flags and sponsor signs. You can start your order online today!


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  • custom-printed-feather-flagsAre you looking or a way to maximize the impact of your next display? Custom feather flags do just that. Now, with a special offer from FLS Banners, you can save on shipping for your next order of these high impact banner flags.

    About Custom Printed Feather Flags

    Custom printed feather flags from FLS Banners are lightweight, free-standing flags you can place anywhere in your display area. These flags stand tall, well over the heads of event attendees, so they will draw attention to your booth. They feature your logo on both sides, so no matter what angle they are viewed they will help with your branding efforts. They also work well for sporting events, festivals, retail openings and special sales, car dealerships, and so much more. Anytime you need something to grab attention that stands tall above the heads of your customers, you can benefit from custom feather flags. FLS Banners has streamlined our production process so that we can save you money and get your order to you faster. When compared to competitors, FLS Banners will save you $15 per order on average. Each feather flag set of poles will fit in a 48-inch box for convenient transportation. See what else we have to offer!

    What FLS Banners Offers

    FLS Banners offers you the option to purchase custom printed flags with the base or pole design that works best for your needs. These advertising flags are made entirely in the USA out of eco-friendly materials and methods. Our printing process creates zero waste, because we reduce and reuse wherever possible. We ship lightning fast, with most orders shipping within three business days, with a special discount shipping offer for current orders. You can easily get your custom flags to your doorstep in time for your next event.

    At FLS Banners, we make it easy for you to customize your flags. Our easy upload and submission process, including templates that are easy to understand, makes it simple to start your designs. As part of our 3-Point Proof Process, we will send you an art proof for free to ensure the final design is exactly what you want, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

    Unlike other custom flag printing companies, we do not charge for both sides. Our flags are two-sided by design, and we include printing on both sides for one affordable price.

    Types of Feather Flags Feather

    flags come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different bases depending on your needs. As you are choosing the right flag for your needs, here are some of the considerations to make.

    Flag Shape

    First, consider which flag shape works best for your needs. FLS banners sells a variety of shapes, including convex, concave and square traditional banners. You can also choose a swooper, which angles slightly over the people walking below, a teardrop shape, or an XL teardrop shape. The flag shape will depend on your style, your logo design, and the place where you will display the banner.

    Flag Size

    In addition, you can choose between a variety of flag sizes. Many people use feathered flags to grab attention from afar, and they need tall options that soar above the heads of event attendees. This includes 16-foot and 12-foot options. However, for smaller events or trade show booths, 8-foot feathered flags are also a great option.

    Base Design

    Where the custom feather flags will be displayed is an important consideration, because this will determine the type of base you want. Ground stakes are perfect for outdoor flags, as they stick securely into the ground to stay firmly in place, even with wind. For flags that may need to be used indoor or outdoors, water bases work well. These wide bases are filled with water to add weight and keep the flag in place, but are more easily moved than ground stakes. For indoor use, an x-base flag base is convenient, lightweight and portable.

    Are you ready to enjoy the statement you can make with a custom feather flag? Order your custom feather flags today from FLS banners, and save around $15 per shipment!


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  • Father's Day is June 16th. With Father’s Day around the corner, many people are looking for a memorable gift for the father figure in their life. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the high quality custom golf flags by FLS Banners. We offer quick shipping on most items, custom print designs, hardware accessories, and more!

    About Custom Printed Golf Flags

    child-artwork-custom-golf-flagWith our custom golf flags, dad can add a personal touch to his backyard putting green. With custom printing, you can commemorate a hole-in-one, add a child’s handmade artwork, or other unique messages to make dad feel loved. If you are not picky on design, FLS Banners also has a wide variety of stock designs to choose from as well.

    What is the Difference 

    Between a Putting Green Flag and a Practice Green Flag?

    Although similar, there are distinct 


    differences between putting green flags and practice green flags. First, these golf flags are two different sizes.

    • Putting Green Flags Size - 14x20 inches
    • Practice Green Flags Size - 5x8 inches

    If you didn’t know, putting green flags are used on the putting green where the hole is. Since there are typically 18 holes on a golf course, there will be a total of 18 putting green flags.

    Practice greens are for golfers to warm up and practice their putt. You probably guessed that is what practice green flags are used for.

    In the case of backyard putting greens, either flag will work fine but the larger 14x20 putting green flag is often preferred.

    What's the Difference Between Traditional and Tube Style Golf Flags?

    In addition to the putting green and practice green sizes, there are two distinct types of golf flags, traditional and tube style.

    While most golf courses uses the tube insert style golf flag, many people insist on the traditional golf flag too. The tube insert style is the simplest design because it does not require extra mounting materials. If you know that dad already has the mounting materials for traditional golf flags, FLS Banners' flags will fit. Otherwise, we have golf flag mounting hardware available for purchase.

    Custom Golf Flag Printing

    FLS Banners is well known for reducing costs for customers while preserving the utmost quality. Thanks to our record efficiency, we can deliver a product to you within a very short time. We can deliver stock flag designs within 48 hours of an order and deliver a custom printed design within 4-8 days. From start to finish, you won't have to wait very long to display your new flag.

    FLS Banners provides single-sided printing or both sides printed on the flag. Just submit your custom design through our website. It is a simple and quick process. We will work with you to get the custom printed flag exactly how you imagined.

    Get dad a Father's Day gift he will enjoy for years to come, a custom printed golf flag direct from FLS Banners. The last day to order is Monday before Father’s Day. Order online or contact us today!


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  • Proof of Seal for Made in the USAWith pride, Table Covers can claim the distinction as having “Products Made in the USA.” Other vendors also make this claim, but actually get their base fabric overseas. Since fabric constitutes the majority of the cost of table covers, we question the truthfulness of their claims.

    According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a product must be "all or virtually all" made in the US to be called Made in USA and of domestic origin. "All or virtually all" leaves a loophole for other table cover manufacturers to get their base table cover fabric from overseas. This is not a practice we use at Table Covers. Our table cover manufacturing process is located here in the United States.

    Why Fabric Made in the USA is Best

    Besides the American fabric misrepresentation, there are other factors tied to the importation of fabric that you, as a consumer, should consider. One is the extra cost that could be passed on to you. The other is the environmental cost to you and our planet. Carbon, known as an accelerant to the world’s ongoing environmental woes, fuels the container ships. And these ships burn bunker fuel that’s cheaper than marine diesel, but is much dirtier. The reason why its exhaust is vented under the ship is so the public can’t see the destruction from the pollutants in their wake.

    By contrast, our knit polyester is fabric made in the USA. By not purchasing from overseas, we not only support the American textile manufacturers and their American employees, but help the environment through minimal transportation costs. Our table covers are also designed, printed, cut and sewn here in the U.S. Even our carry cases and packaging materials are made within US borders.



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  • Whether you are a professiCustom Wedding Table Bannersonal wedding planner or a bride to be, you’re probably looking for fresh ideas that will add more flair to a ceremony and reception without a huge cost. Custom wedding banners are the answer. Not only can they reinforce the special union, but they can help overcome limitations of your venue too. For instance:

    • A wedding planned outside of a traditional venue, can be a challenge. To bring a sense of structure and intimacy, design a custom wedding banner to hang behind where vows will be exchanged. Besides displaying names and possible photo, why not display a phrase, poem or verse from scripture?
    • A wedding, off the beaten path, can confuse some guests and maoutside feather flagske them arrive late. To avoid this, have a couple of wedding flag banners printed and installed to help direct family and friends.
    • A reception hall that can seat far more people than your small wedding guest list also can be a challenge. Remember to arrange tables from the middle of the room outward (not the other way around). And consider having a custom wedding banner backdrop produced and hung, so guests have something other than empty space to look at. Using warm, intense colors for your banner, and table covers, will help reflect light and add more intimacy.

    Good luck on whichever ideas you choose.


    Posted in Wedding banners By Cain Goettelman

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