company-logo-face-maskAs businesses begin to re-open across the country and more restrictions are lifted, it is important to understand business trends regarding face masks. Many people are concerned whether or not it is still safe to mingle in public spaces. This is true moving forward in 2020 and preparing for virus season in fall and winter.

These new societal norms present an opportunity for your business to present a sense of security to your customers and promote trust in your brand. If employees are wearing face coverings you are sending the message that your business is serious about health and safety guidelines for your employees and customers.

Here is what you should know about where business trends are going involving face coverings.


Why Face Masks with Company Logos are Vital

Most of us are aware that cloth face masks help prevent the spread of viral diseases. By covering the nose and mouth, they reduce the likelihood of airborne infection. When employees wear masks, they can feel more confident in their workspace. When customers interact with those employees, they can feel that they are safe to conduct business with you. They may choose your business because you are protecting their health.

The face coverings that employees wear do not have to be plain, homemade or generic either. Many face mask companies offer printing options so that you can make custom face masks with your business logo printed on the front or even with creative branded designs. Face coverings can be incorporated into a regular employee uniform. As the stigma around facial coverings is fading, branded masks make a lot of sense aiding in a corporate or business strategy around safety.


Complying to State and County Guidelines for Face Masks

While everyone should comply with their local state and county guidelines regarding face masks, those guidelines may vary from region to region. What does not vary, is your business’ commitment to keeping employees and customers safe. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with your local government’s regulations or guidelines in regards to proper physical distancing and face coverings.

Many states or counties may require employees to wear approved cloth face coverings while at work. The best thing you can do is to make sure the masks are clean and look professional.

Face Mask Buying Trends - Prepare for Fall and Winter

Even if the number of infections slows over the summer, national health experts warn that, like many cyclical viruses, COVID-19 may return in the fall. Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases confirmed these concerns. Although the virus may return, the national community will be much better prepared to handle another rise in cases than we did in early 2020.

It is becoming abundantly clear that wearing face masks in the US will become a lasting trend moving forward and possibly beyond 2020. Businesses can best prepare by making sure they have a stock of professionally made masks with a branded logo and evolve their employee uniforms.

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