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Experience the FLS Banners TABLE COVER Difference

All-Over, Multi-Location or Front Print Table Covers - Choose Any Style


Are you looking for the best custom printed tablecloth? You have found it! Since 1972 FLS Banners had been providing the highest quality factory direct custom printed table covers, table runners, table draped and fitted covers. Let our experience help you find just the right logoed cover for your needs.

FLS is known the world over for its innovative quality products. Our expereince allows us to take a mundane product like a custom tableclother and update how its made to ensure the best possible result for you and your brand.


Why is seamless construciton important?

  1. Seams create weak points in your table cover.
  2. Trying to mazimize your presense with an ALL OVER print - seams for your to cut of your design and attempt to sew it back together. Check the fine print no one guarantees it will line up again.
    That is EXCEPT FLS Banners because we don't ahve to cut your design apart in the first place.


Maximize your brand and exposure by adding prints to all sides of your logoed table cover.

  1. Add your branding to the front, left, right, back and top for NO ADDITIONAL COST!
  2. Do you have multiple brands -SAVE $$$$ by print one brand one side and another on the opposite side for no ADDITIONAL COST!


We don't just print 4 color process. We are experts in HI-FI proces printing. This means an expanded color galmut capable of achieve better color matches and more PMS colors than the average printer. Does trust your brand to just anyone. Demand the best - FLS Banners will deliver.

  1. Expanded Gamut printing ensures that we can acheive more PMS colors matches to ensure consistanty in your brand.
  2. Get table coverings that match your overall trade show or point of purchase design.
  3. Work with your own design time and create a truly custom design that leverage our All Over Full Print capabilityes to truly stand-out from teh crowd!


  1. Buy Manufacturer direct for the fastest shipping. 72 hours from approval for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
  2. Our all over print price compares to other front only print cost. Would you buy any other print advertising and fill less than 20% of the available space?
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