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Trade Show Display Kits

Design Checklist & Templates

Flag artwork should be set up to allow at least two inches for rleed hems on all four edges of the flag. Irregularly shaped flags, pennants and other shapes should also allow the two inch edge space.

We assume you know, or have someone that is knowledgeable about computer graphics. If not, contact our art department for assistance in art file development. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Publisher files were not designed for professional print production. We do not recommend using any of those programs to create art files. If that is all you have, send the file and we will comment accordingly.

Design Submission Checklist and Recommendations

Here's a checklist for submitting your art:

  1. Convert all fonts to outlines or include fonts used in upload.
  2. Use vector art when possible (.ai, .eps, .pdf)
  3. Embed all links (between 96-300 DPI at size)
  4. Use solid coated PANTONE (pms) if color matches are critical
  5. When using an FLS Template file (see below), please turn OFF the template layer.
  6. Save the file as "companyname-mmddyy.eps" or your order number.

Design Templates

  • You can see all Design Templates for flags and table covers Here!

Design File Guidelines

File Guidelines for preferred drawing applications. Click on one of the links below to view the file setup guidelines for your application.