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Pin Flag Style Options

Golf Flag Pin Styles

Full size golf flags (14" X 20") now come in two styles, the traditional with header and three brass grommets or the tube insert style.

Tube Insert Style Golf Pin Flag

The tube insert style simply slips over the top of the pin, the ties and flag swivel are not needed. The flag is held on just with the acorn nun on top of the pin.

Practice green flags are available in the tube style only. They are 5in X 8in and can be ordered blank in several colors, numbered, or with a custom imprints as well as our stock design imprints. practice green 5in X 8in

Flag swivel may be needed with traditional style if not available from your greens keeper.

For More information see: Golf Flag Hardware

StandOut Golf Pin Flag

Stand-Out™ Golf Flag has an arm in the top that allows the flag to swivel and flap in the breeze, but the image is always visable.  No wind; no problem!

Traditional Style Golf Pin Flag

Stand Out Pin Golf Flag Style

The traditional style has been used forever and golf courses generally have the hardware to tie the flags onto the pins. This style is best if you want to frame the flags after the event or use them for autographs if yours is a celebrity event.