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Trade Show Certified Fabric - FR Knit Polyester

Our trade show certified fabric, (FR) fire retardant knit polyester, is our most popular custom table cover fabric due to its durability, easy maintenance, flame retardant yarn, and excellent printability. Additionally, FR knit polyester is good for the environment because it comes from post-industrial and consumer recycled plastic, and it's designed for long-term wear. With your certificate, you can stay in compliance if your trade show venue requires fire retardant regulations regarding your trade show booth.

Trade Show Certified FR Knit Polyester Custom Table Cover FabricFire Retardant
The "FR" in FR knit polyester stands for Flame Retardant. Our table material is not cheap imported fabric that is dipped or coated with chemicals to add flame retardant quality. Instead, our fabric table covers are produced in the U.S., use a flame retardant yarn for improved quality material and are certified.

Easy Maintenance
For custom table throws, flame retardant knit polyester is better than woven or poplin fabric because it doesn't require ironing or pressing after washing. Woven fabric covers are similar in structure to a men's dress shirt, which may require pressing to remove wrinkles.

FR Knit polyester fabric table covers, on the other hand, are similar to short-sleeved polo shirts, T-shirts or jersey skirts, which are naturally more wrinkle resistance and can be normally be washed and dried without ironing.

By choosing flame retardant polyester knit, your fabric table cover will come out of storage with few wrinkles, require little or no steaming and ironing, and provide long-term value.

FR Knit polyester is also a great canvas for printing 1, 2 or full-color designs and logos. The texture holds intense and vibrant colors beautifully.

The next time you are shopping for a custom tablecloth that really makes your event table stand out, you should consider trade show certified, fire retardant knit polyester fabric. Keep your table safe from fire hazards while covering it with a tablecloth that demands attention. Shop now!