Nothing can provide a more unique interaction with consumers than in store product demonstrations. Because you can actually influence a purchase decision, gain valuable customer feedback, and build brand awareness.

Besides grocery goods, there are lots of products that lend themselves to in-store merchandising. The key is preparation. You’ll want to check and see what the store policies are in advance, so you can order display and table covers.

If space is limi4-ft table for in-store demonstrationsted, know we even offer table covers that are four feet long—and can be fully printed to bring out the company or product logo.

You’ll also want to talk with the Store Manager about two weeks before the scheduled event to make sure that enough products will be on the shelves. Most in-store product demonstrations can boost sales five to 10 times above normal and result in a 10% to 15% residual increase weeks following the event. And finally, remember to involve the customer and not give a lecture. You’ll want to encourage them to sample, smell, or use your product, so you can gain the most from in-store product demonstrations.