SEG Displays

What are SEG graphics? SEG stands for silicone edge graphics. These fabric displays are inserted into aluminum frames, and can even be backlit with animated LED lights. They are a modern approach to displays that allow advertisers to create seamless, bold, and attractive displays. SEG graphics are virtually borderless, focusing on the graphic and less on the supporting frame. We produce silicone edge graphics via dye sublimation printing resulting in vibrant photographic-quality images on fabric. Dye sublimated SEG graphic printing combined with polyester cloth is the key to making SEG a cost-effective option.

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SEG Graphic Display Sizes

FLS Banners offers a wide range of SEG graphic sizes.

SEG Frame Types & Accessories

The SEG frame is just as important as the graphic itself. FLS Banners has several SEG frame options for displaying your printed graphics.

  • Lightboxes - Highly popular with retailers and advertisers, SEG lightboxes use LED lights to create backlit graphics. Backlit SEG lightboxes can be mounted on a wall or stand-alone.
  • Frontlit Displays - These kind of graphic displays use an external light source to illuminate the printed designs. Frontlit SEG displays are great for large exhibit halls and retail store windows.
  • Structured Frames - SEG frames can be configured into specialty shapes, such as cubes and curves. Whether you need a specialty frame for a trade show booth or other application, talk to FLS Banners for a solution.

How do SEG Prints Work?

FLS silicone edge graphics start with fabric specially designed for the purpose. The material must allow for vibrant color and excellent graphic details reproduction, be wrinkle resistance, and allow installation under tension.

Our vertical supply chain integration enables us to provide our clients with exceptional value on premium SEG products. The defining characteristic of an SEG panel is the keder (gasket or welting) sewn to edges of print.

The keder allows the graphic to be inserted into a channel in the frame, resulting in no additional or special fasteners for installation. This unique finishing and installation method results in a graphic with virtually no frame border. Not everyone is capable of producing SEG due to the tight production tolerances that are required. Special care must be taken to ensure the correct finished size.

The Benefits of SEG Graphics

The decision to utilize SEG for your graphics affords you a modern, borderless, wrinkle-free display solution. Additionally, silicone edge graphics are glare-free due to the use of fabric textiles as opposed to vinyl or PET films.

Dye-sublimation printed textiles are easily folded, reducing package size and associated transportation costs. The graphics are intended to provide years of use and are convenient to change based on season, promotions.

  • All-Purpose: SEG panels by FLS are profile and frame independent. Our SEG prints fit your aluminum or extruded plastic frames.
  • Print Quality: Dye-sublimation printing dyes the image into the fabric. There is no ink on the surface to crack or peel. You get durable, vibrant prints for a front or backlit panel.
  • Modern Look - SEG graphics are the ideal choice to keep the focus on your message creating the impact you need.
  • No Visible Sewing - Unlike traditional fabric graphic hems and pole pockets, the sewing and keder are tucked away inside the frame resulting in a clean, finished appearance.
  • Lightweight - Fabric is lighter weight and more durable than tradition UV or solvent printed graphics.

Why select SEG Over Other Graphics Options?

Why select SEG graphics? In one word Value. Graphics finished with silicone edges are the standard in today’s market, where investing in display materials takes center stage. Presenting your business and brand is vital to creating awareness. With animated light, the SEG frame does this in a compelling way.

Graphics are convenient to rotate change and update as needed, leveraging your investment in the hardware. Did we mention the graphics are lightweight and foldable? Who doesn’t want to reduce their shipping costs and carbon footprint? Try that with rigid or vinyl displays.

Finally, since the frame is not competing with the graphic, you get the maximum visual display area for your investment.

How are SEG images utilized as display solutions?

Silicone edge graphics are a versatile and dynamic display solution. The frames come in a myriad of extrusions. The wide variety of shapes and sizes allow the creation of tailored solutions for specific display needs.

Whether it is a national franchise roll-out, a unique one-off sign, a popup store, a trade show backdrop, or an entire trade show booth, SEG panels can be utilized to craft a targeted unique solution.

In addition to standard front-lit graphics, think posters, it is possible to incorporate LED light into the frame to set off the graphics and make them glow. LED-lit light boxes with SEG graphics are a prominent fixture in retail and trade show environments. Size can range from small 2-foot by 3-foot signs, modular counters, to huge 8-foot by 10-foot wall covering and backdrop displays.

Dye-sublimation printing is especially beneficial for backlit graphics. LED lighting inside of SEG frames highlights the depth of color and smoothness of a dye-sub print.

The Verdict on SEG

Were we right? Are you wondering why you haven’t added SEG as a display method? They are the new signage of choice for those seeking to maximize value and return on investment. Increase the flexibility of your signage and displays.

SEG displays combine the convenience of interchangeable graphics, with the ability to store and reuse graphics. This reduces their average shipping cost and minimizes packaging. Then add the ability to incorporate LED lighting and motion, and you can see why backlit SEG frames are so popular.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs or the needs of your end-users. Our domestic manufacturing ensures complete control of the process from file prep to endpoint delivery.

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