Trolley Case

Trolly Case


Are you tired of carrying bags of displays to your booth space? Our trolley case is the answer.

Measuring 36" tall x 16" in diameter, it provides ample space for our Pop-Up Displays plus other items such as table covers or a banner stand. We keep this case lightweight so you can keep moving.

Enjoy a convenient, zip closure top that makes access a breeze. The handle extends to create a comfortable pull position, and the 2 wheels are spread wide for added stability.

Compact enough to be stored lying down under most tables, count on it to be immediately on hand when you need to break down your display.

The Trolley Case really is a must have.

  • 36" Height x 16" Diameter
  • Lightweight
  • Zip top
  • Convenient handles for pulling and carrying
  • Fits 1 PopUp Display with room for more small items

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Total : $119.00