Tradeshow Displays & Signage

Trade shows and event marketing can be an important part of your overall branding efforts for your company. Success at a trade show requires the right display. FLS Banners has a full list of trade show displays and signage to help you get ready for your next event. Whether you need pop-up displays, exhibit signage, retractable banners, or banner stands, we have the products to help you create success at your next event.

Wholesale Available!

Do you need to create a large number of exhibit booth displays? Ask about wholesale options to save even more over our already low prices.

Exhibit Booth Supplies

It takes a lot of materials to create a winning exhibit booth, and FLS Banners has your needs covered. Our trade show marketing display products will turn heads and grab attention, so yours will be the booth people stop and visit.

While there are many components of a trade show booth design, the signs and displays are a huge part. Your trade show signs and displays should highlight your business’s unique features, making it easy to see at a moments’ notice what your business is all about. With bright colors and bold text, you will create eye-catching displays. FLS Banners can help.

Our trade show signage options include:

  • Signs and Banners– Promote your business and share your message with colorful fabric printed signs. We have a wide range of sign and banner types, including banner stands, tabletop displays, and more. Create a custom look that will capture attention and give you branding success.

  • Table Covers– Give your trade show booth a uniform look with custom-printed table covers. These can carry your logo or an iconic image that will tie in with your other trade show booth displays.

  • Exhibit Flags– Flags computer attention as part of your event marketing display design. When your display includes flags, they create attention-grabbing movements that will cause people to stop and take a second look. You can also position flags in other areas of the event to drive foot traffic to your booth.

  • Banner Stands – Printed fabric banners need banner stands to display, and we have your needs covered. We have retractable banner stands that are easy to set up and pack away.

  • Tents – For outdoor trade show booths, a tent is a must. Tents provide shade to your booth visitors and also give you another way to make your display stand out. Custom-printed event show marketing display tents from FLS Banners will finish out your display in style.

Building an Outdoor Event Booth

When building an outdoor event booth, you need to consider your need for branding and what your goals for your display are.

To begin, start with your main display piece, whether that’s your tabletop or a large banner. Design that first, then build the rest of your display around it. Make sure that the display booth design draws attention where you want it, which is usually your display table. 

Use flags, retractable banner stands, and other materials to pull attention to the right location. Finish out the design with a tent to provide shade and additional branding options.

Start Planning for Your Trade Show Display Today

FLS Banners is here to make your next outdoor or indoor event booth a success. We can help you design trade show signage, trade show displays, and other products that will make your booth stand out from the crowd. We have a fast printing and shipping process that will get your event marketing display materials in your hands in no time. Order now, and let FLS Banners partner with you to make your next event as successful as possible.