First-time table cover buyers are faced with several decisions when ordering their first table covers.  There are different fabricsprinting options, and styles to consider when choosing a table cover. One of the first choices is what style of covers will best suit your needs.  Table covers come in two primary styles.  We refer to these as 3-sided and 4-sided covers.   How do you decide whether to go with a three or four-sided table cover?

Three sided table covers are sometimes referred to as economy covers or table throws.  Don’t let the economy moniker fool you into thinking they are somehow cheap covers.  3 sided covers cost a little less because the back side of the table is not fully covered to the floor. The back side has a small backdrop that helps hold the cover in place.  Our table throw cover is a nice option if an individual will be seated behind the table or needs to frequently access materials stored under the table (think registration packets).

A four sided cover can also be referred to as a table drape.  First and foremost,  a 4 sided cover does exactly what it sounds like.  It covers the top and all four sides of your table to the floor.  The biggest benefit of this is that table drapes will allow you to store items beneath your table without being seen.  Creating storage space in your display is extremely important, especially in small 10-foot x 10-foot booths. If you need to access items occasionally a slit can be cut out of the back panel to provide more convenient access. Table drapes tend to be more frequently purchased than table throws because they offer a great level of flexibility.  Our most popular cover is a 4-sided table drape cover for a 6-foot table.  This cover can be used on an 8-foot and still professionally present your logo or brand.