Ask any trade show manager, and they’ll agree there are more logistics and details to running a successful show exhibit than any other marketing project or campaign. For many, it’s the sheer number of tasks that make the effort so challenging. For others, it’s spending too much time in the weeds—and losing sight of the company’s bigger goals and objectives that worry them.

If you can relate, we suggest that you add the following To Do to your trade show training checklist. It will remind you to plan for the best attendee experience—not only a booth that looks good and functions well.

Role-Play Best Attendee Interaction

Trade Show Training
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Besides booth personnel training on what staff should wear; how they should identify your target audience—and how to avoid wasting time with those who aren’t your target audience, have them play-act ideal interaction with attendees. Have them practice:

  • Greeting attendees warmly and with a smile
  • Making good eye contact
  • Striking up a conversation
  • Listening to them and responding rather than being too pushy

Then have them, in your trade show training, walk around the booth and assess whether an inviting impression is being made by your displays, table covers, and graphics. Table covers are the easiest—and least expensive way to make your booth more inviting, thereby enabling more opportunities for good interaction with attendees.