trade-show-colorsThere’s no denying that color creates different emotions. What we wear can lift our spirits; what colors are used in office furnishings can either calm us down or energize us. The same is true for trade show signage. Some colors that you don’t want to use and other colors that you’ll want to use sparingly. So how does a company choose the best color for their trade show signage? Do they automatically go with their company’s brand color or choose colors that will complement their brand and create the right feeling? We suggest the latter. To help you shift through the color wheel, here are some guidelines.

  • Orange is energetic and lively, however, its boldness could turn off some attendees. Use it more as an accent color.
  • Yellow is a very cheery color that can be overwhelming to some attendees, so you’ll also want to use it sparingly.
  • White is clean and crisp but when used as a primary color can come off as dull and boring. So be careful.
  • Red is another bold color, like orange and yellow, that communicates excitement and enthusiasm—all good hooks to bring in visitors.
  • Green has a relaxing mood associated with it and can bring in attendees who want to escape from being too stimulated.
  • Purple is considered a hip color but not a popular choice for trade show signs.
  • Blue can leave a negative impression on your visitors since it can be dark and a bit gloomy.
  • Black is another color to use sparingly because it can also create a negative feeling if prominently used in your booth.

Using the right color for your trade show signage will turn on instead of turning off visitors—and invite them to enter your booth.