trade show coordinationWhen companies view their trade show booth as a three-dimensional extension of their company’s image, they really start to think through every aspect. What is the best design, color scheme, and flow? Signs, graphics, demonstrations—and even trade show table covers when coordinated will deliver a more cohesive look and feel.


trade show display coordination

Bring Brand to Life

Good attention to design, color, and simplicity really can enhance an organization’s identity and differentiate themselves from other exhibitors. Brand consistency is another key. When a brand is used consistently, it builds recognition and can actually help your trade show staff because customers will be more motivated to visit your booth if they recognize your name and value.

Two More Ideas

We leave you with two more ideas: when you think about coordinating colors and design, also think about carpet and the possibility of adding a banner stand that complements your trade show table cover. Tying carpet color tones into the mix can not only help your booth stand out but also help your sales team from feeling leg strain after long hours of standing.