Father’s Day is June 16th. With Father’s Day around the corner, many people are looking for a memorable gift for the father figure in their life. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the high quality custom golf flags by FLS Banners. We offer quick shipping on most items, custom print designs, hardware accessories, and more!

About Custom Printed Golf Flags

child-artwork-custom-golf-flagWith our custom golf flags, Dad can add a personal touch to his backyard putting green. With custom printing, you can commemorate a hole-in-one, add a child’s handmade artwork, or other unique messages to make dad feel loved. If you are not picky on design, FLS Banners also has a wide variety of stock designs to choose from as well.

What is the Difference 

Between a Putting Green Flag and a Practice Green Flag?

Although similar, there are distinct 


differences between putting green flags and practice green flags. First, these golf flags are two different sizes.

  • Putting Green Flags Size – 14×20 inches
  • Practice Green Flags Size – 5×8 inches

If you didn’t know, putting green flags are used on the putting green where the hole is. Since there are typically 18 holes on a golf course, there will be a total of 18 putting green flags.

Practice greens are for golfers to warm up and practice their putt. You probably guessed that is what practice green flags are used for.

In the case of backyard putting greens, either flag will work fine but the larger 14×20 putting green flag is often preferred.

What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Tube Style Golf Flags?

In addition to the putting green and practice green sizes, there are two distinct types of golf flags, traditional and tube style.

  • Traditional golf flag – Mounted to a flagpole using three grommets, or rings, with necessary hardware.
  • Tube style golf flag – Uses a pocket sewn into the flag with the flagpole inserted.

While most golf courses use the tube insert style golf flag, many people insist on the traditional golf flag too. The tube insert style is the simplest design because it does not require extra mounting materials. If you know that Dad already has the mounting materials for traditional golf flags, FLS Banners’ flags will fit. Otherwise, we have golf flag mounting hardware available for purchase.

Custom Golf Flag Printing

FLS Banners is well known for reducing costs for customers while preserving the utmost quality. Thanks to our record efficiency, we can deliver a product to you within a very short time. We can deliver stock flag designs within 48 hours of an order and deliver a custom printed design within 4-8 days. From start to finish, you won’t have to wait very long to display your new flag.

FLS Banners provides single-sided printing or both sides printed on the flag. Just submit your custom design through our website. It is a simple and quick process. We will work with you to get the custom printed flag exactly how you imagined.

Get Dad a Father’s Day gift he will enjoy for years to come, a custom printed golf flag direct from FLS Banners. The last day to order is Monday before Father’s Day. Order online or contact us today!