Have you thought about the opportunity for cross promotion at your next trade show? And what about using custom table runners to promote the cross promotion?

Cross promotion can take on many forms like when we see the judges on American Idol drink from prominently placed Coca-Cola cups to advertise Coke or when two brands share ingredients like Kellogg Pop-tarts with Smucker’s fruit.

In the case of cross-promoting your product or service with another at a trade show, you might try the three ideas we offer below. But, once you decide on your best approach, consider how you are going to visually tie the cross promotion together. We suggest a brightly colored table runner with a logo on counter spaces or draped on tables to call more attention to the two brands and the joint promotion. Choose from our 14 available colors to really draw the attention of attendees. Color consultant, Leatrice Eiseman, says “Color is an attention-getting tool – it’s often the first thing the eye sees when it looks at an object.” Don’t miss choosing the right color for better success. You may even want to print two additional custom table runners to place on the wall of both booths.

Custom Table Runner

When to Use Table Runner with Logo

As promised, here are some cross promotion ideas:

  1. Run a joint promotion requiring attendees to visit both booths and complete demos in each booth before receiving a certain giveaway.
  2. Co-brand a temporarily available product that an attendee can only learn more about at one booth and order or receive it at the partnering booth.
  3. Or another idea is to have you, and your marketing partner, share the same booth space and promote your joint product or service to prospects right there and then.