Whether you are a professiCustom Wedding Table Bannersonal wedding planner or a bride-to-be, you’re probably looking for fresh ideas that will add more flair to a ceremony and reception without a huge cost. Custom wedding banners are the answer. Not only can they reinforce the special union, but they can help overcome the limitations of your venue too. For instance:

  • A wedding planned outside of a traditional venue can be a challenge. To bring a sense of structure and intimacy, design a custom wedding banner to hang behind where vows will be exchanged. Besides displaying names and possible photos, why not display a phrase, poem, or verse from scripture?
  • A wedding, off the beaten path, can confuse some guests and maoutside feather flagske them arrive late. To avoid this, have a couple of wedding flag banners printed and installed to help direct family and friends.
  • A reception hall that can seat far more people than your small wedding guest list also can be a challenge. Remember to arrange tables from the middle of the room outward (not the other way around). And consider having a custom wedding banner backdrop produced and hung, so guests have something other than empty space to look at. Using warm, intense colors for your banner, and table covers, will help reflect light and add more intimacy.

Good luck with whichever ideas you choose.