True to analysts’ predictions, 2014 is shaping up to be a strong year for business table covers and exhibit table covers. Consumer confidence has come back from the recession and companies (especially the large brands) are spending again on advertising and marketing—resulting in Table-Covers having our two strongest months ever!

We love seeing the new momentum and applications of our products—and the reinforcement that in-person, face-to-face meetings are still important even in the age of electronic connection.

Business Table Cover
Business Trade Show Trends

The latest meeting and trade show trends that we are seeing focus around engaging with attendees and prospective customers in more meaningful ways. For example:

Show Design – is now being driven by assessing desired customer engagement, and what the show “experience” should be so target audiences will find it rewarding. Even exhibit table covers are chosen to best support this.

Social Media – is reinforcing the trend toward targeted communications not only before and post show or event, but also for community building and gaining loyal followers throughout the year.

SEO – is another example of strengthening customer engagement by utilizing the right keywords to not only drive qualified traffic to one’s next exhibit but also to use Google and the search engines as a marketing communications platform. A platform, in which, one drives the right and targeted awareness to an upcoming event schedule.

We applaud all the new creative ways to support deeper customer engagements. In addition to our business table covers and exhibit table covers, we also supply clients with other products like our retractable banners and feather flags.

For as long as trade shows and business meetings provide unique opportunities to develop face-to-face interaction and further engage customers, we’ll be here offering the latest in business table covers and exhibit table covers.