As the leader in digitally printed custom fabric, FLS Banners offers a unique opportunity to impress your customers. Our custom fabric printing services provide your business with tailor-made marketing assets that promote your brand. Countless brands, including the likes of Tesla, Microsoft, American Express, GM, and Starbucks have used our fabric printing services. Let us help you create the custom printed products you envision.

FLS Banners has been innovating businesses with custom fabric printing solutions since 1974. We offer unparalleled experience, cutting-edge printing technology, and order flexibility. Thanks to our scalability, we can provide one-off orders and bulk wholesale solutions. We are PPAI and SAGE members with a strong commitment to producing our products in an eco-friendly manner.

What Does FLS Banners Do?

FLS Banners is a custom fabric printing company that offers printing solutions for businesses looking to stand out. Our state-of-the-art printing technology is capable of creating anything from custom printed advertising banners, event trade show marketing, to home decor and apparel.

Digital fabric printing accurately replicates your designs, colors, and brand logo. We are able to offer fine, detailed patterns that are specific to your design, along with fabric by the yard with unparalleled color quality.

We work with businesses of all sizes to complete when you need to order custom fabric printed on short notice. Looking for dropshipping services? FLS Banners is the perfect answer to complete your supply chain.

For wholesale ordering, FLS Banners can fulfill large quantities. Because we are a PPAI and SAGE member, order fulfillment is efficiently streamlined. Orders can be purchased within your own client site.

Who Benefits from Custom Fabric Printing?

Anyone looking to provide their audience with colorful, detailed, and sharp fabric marketing assets to enjoy. We work with:

  • Small businesses, such as brick-and-mortar stores and boutiques
  • Large corporations for event, tradeshow, marketing, and other PR initiatives
  • Big brands looking for unique and custom soft advertising in airports, malls, or window displays
  • Franchises who need high quality custom fabric printed assets and materials
  • Designers and artists looking to print their artwork on fabric products for home decor, apparel or more
  • Online stores, such as Etsy stores or other dropshipping businesses

We are able to supply detailed fabric designs to just about anyone. FLS Banner is there regardless of your business size or printing needs. We take your company from design to print, so you get what you want, when you want it — guaranteed.

What Makes FLS Banners Unique?

Our 100 percent USA operations mean a fast turnaround time and quick shipping. We guarantee our work, manufacturing and printing at our Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin facility. FLS Banners can produce what your business needs on-demand, whether it’s thousands of printed items or just a handful.

Give us a call at (800) 537-0463 and get a quote for your next custom printing project. You can also contact us online.