Golf season is here! Whether you are in charge of a facility and need the right flags to mark holes and promote your sponsors, or you are a sponsor yourself who wants to ensure that your sponsor signs are as professional as they should be, custom golf flags are the answer. FLS Banners offers a wide range of golf flags to meet your needs, with full-color printing and customization available.

What Is the Difference Between Tube Insert and Traditional Golf Flags?

At FLS Banners, you have the option to choose between a tube insert and a traditional golf flag. Tube-insert golf flags are a versatile option that can be quickly switched out after a tournament when new sponsors need to be promoted. These flags have a tube insert sewn onto the side hem where you can fit the display pole, allowing the full flag length to be displayed while the flag is securely hanging on the pole.

Traditional golf flags have three grommet attachment rings on the side, rather than a pole insert. These are clipped onto the pole, standing out from the flag through grommet attachments. These flags have reinforcements on the end by the grommets, so the flag can fly freely without tearing or damaging the fabric.

Both tube insert and traditional golf flags are great options for golf tournament signage. With FLS Banners, you can create custom signs that will be an asset to your next golf event.

About Golf Tournament Sponsor Flags

A golf tournament can only be a success with sponsors, and sponsors deserve to have their investment highlighted. Custom golf flags with the logo of tournament sponsors provide the advertising that they deserve as a result of their sponsorship, and FLS Banners makes it simple and fast to order your custom golf sponsorship signs.

Golf sponsor flags can fly anywhere on your tournament grounds. They allow your tournament supporters to proudly show their support while giving the tournament planning committee a way to decorate the golf course for the day. At FLS Banners, golf sponsor flags are printed in full color so your design displays clearly. At the end of the tournament, these flags make a great memento for sponsors to thank them for their support. Golf sponsorship flags are regulation size at 14”H x 20”W.

About Hole Sponsor Flags

Hole sponsor flags are another option for sponsors to show their support for your golf tournament or other event. These custom golf flags feature a full-color logo just like the other sponsorship flags but also have the number of the hole printed clearly on each side of the flag. These are regulation-size 14”H x 20”W flags and come in either traditional or tube style.

Create Your Custom Golf Flags for Your Next Event!

Custom golf sponsor flags will make your next event a success. They give you an option to allow sponsors advertisement, while also adding color and flair to the golf course during the course of the event. FLS Banners offers a wide range of options for your custom golf flags, including double and single-sided custom printing, an easy graphic submission process, and the option to make bulk orders. Whether you are a company that regularly sponsors golf tournaments and wants a stash of flags ready to go, or you are a tournament planner who wants to provide your sponsors with the right flags for their needs, you can trust us and our fast printing and shipping process.

Reach out to FLS Banners today to start designing your custom golf flags and sponsor signs. You can start your order online today!