Custom printed fabric lets you transform fabric items into unique works of art. Whether you print your own fabric for shirts with your company logo or yards of fabric with personalized designs, the opportunities to use custom printed fabric are nearly endless.

Choosing a Fabric Type

When you learn how to design custom printed fabric, you can create fabric marketing items of all types. But first, you must decide the right fabric for your needs.

You can choose a spandex or polyester fabric that gives the material stretch in all directions. Or, you can choose a fabric with a shiny finish to give your finished product extra flare. Perhaps you need a heavy fabric for a banner or drape. Tapestry or brushed velvet could fit the bill well.

The FLS Banners team can help you with fabric selection to ensure that your finished design meets the functional and aesthetic needs you have.

How Does Custom Fabric Printing Work?

At FLS Banners, we have a unique printing process to help you create custom printed fabric for your project. We have a state-of-the-art facility that can print on fabrics of most types.

When you are ready to order your custom fabric printing, all you need to do is provide your own custom designs. Or, you can find an artwork or graphic you love and purchase the rights to reproduce it. You can also create your own graphic from your logo or in-house art. Upload your digital graphic using our easy online system, and we will get started.

Our dye sublimation process puts the ink into a gaseous state. We then impress the gaseous ink into the fabric. This creates a smooth image that is embedded directly into the material producing a vivid, vibrant color.

The final image is fully washable and has better durability than UV printing, especially for polyester fabrics. With UV printing, the final image feels more like an overlay or sticker and can turn rigid with multiple washes.

Once you have approved your final design and fabric choice, we will print your custom fabric. We can print custom fabric in all sizes, from large orders for national manufacturers to small orders for your small to medium business. Our digital printing process is fast and easy, with a quick turnaround.

What’s Next?

If you’re ready to work on your custom printed fabric, FLS Banners is ready to help. We have a team standing by to help you design your custom banners and get them printed for you quickly. We also have lightning-fast shipping options, as well as drop shipping to send your items directly to the intended recipient.

The length of time it takes to print and ship your order will vary depending on the size and complexity of your order. Many can be ready in just 48 hours, and the average production time is about three days.

Custom printed fabric is easy with help from FLS Banners.

FLS Banners is an experienced printing and custom banner company that is a PPAI and SAGE member. Our customer service team is ready to assist you with your graphic design. Reach out today to start printing your own custom fabric.

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