Our process is safe for the environment; safe for workers.

Who knew hazardous inks and dyes can make fabric printing unhealthy for workers and for the environment? Who knew certain screen printing methods that use mass amounts of water in the dying of the fabric can result in polluted wastewater and ground contamination? As a 30-year leader in green printing, we certainly have understood the hazards and have always responded with greener options.

Early on, we led the way for green printing methods that would have less of an environmental impact. Take our early lead in water-based screen printing in the 1970s; followed by Table Covers refined digital printing on fabric with our DyeLux™ print process. This dye-sublimation, aqueous-based method is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable processes for digital fabric printing because it:

  • Uses dyes rather harsh solvents that can output Ozoneink-fabric-certifications.png damaging VOCs and heavy metals
  • Works with inks that comply with OEKO-TEX® 10 and the ECO-passport certifications
  • Turns a solid directly into a gas, avoiding water for the dying process
  • Either recycles printing transfer paper or eliminates the need altogether depending on the equipment used
  • Reduces all use of water for a true green printing process
  • And produces zero waste

No VOCs in Our Digital Fabric Printing
By us combining the right raw materials and choosing environmentally friendly processes, we are true green printers. We avoid the use of VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds, which are a group of carbon-based chemicals that easily evaporate at room temperature. Besides being found in some inks used for fabric printing, they can be in an assortment of building materials like varnishes, sealing caulks, home air fresheners, and the process of dry cleaning. Studies suggest that exposure to these chemicals can bring health consequences.

With us, you can feel good about your purchasing decision—and love the finished product, too. Check out Textile Printing Eco-Friendly blog