In an earlier post, we shared tips on how companies could stand out and better compete in larger business fair venues. Here we share tips on the other extreme: how a company can get the most bang for their buck by either participating in—or organizing a small, more intimate business conference.

If you’re tasked with arranging your company’s presence at a small business conference, Designed fitted table coversthere are a few things you should know. First, your space will be limited—possibly just a table—so you’ll want to gain as much impact as possible with a high-quality fabric table skirt. Imprinting small logos or a design that supports your brand can be very effective on fitted table skirts. Check out our quality and prices >>

Also, make sure to have someone knowledgeable from your company visible. Best if the person has an executive or senior-level management title showing small conference attendees that the company believes this time is valuable. And, since networking is in high gear at small business conferences, their time will be well-spent.

If youAnother example of a fitted table cover’re tasked with organizing a small conference, you’ll want to select a creative location because the physical characteristics and natural amenities of a location can draw in more attendees and ensure a more pleasant time for conference goers. You’ll also want to take a tour before you book it to check for ample storage space for supplies, how many tables can be accommodated and how many fitted table skirts will be required, plus whether there are secure areas for attendees to put their belongings. And finally, when planning the agenda for your small conference, it’s a good idea to mix some relaxed time with intense, thought-provoking presentations and discussions.