As experts say,  it’s a good practice to check and ensure that the power supply and Internet Wi-Fi are working in your booth before you begin uncrating your display. Because you will have to change locations and reconfigure your booth layout on the fly if the problem can’t be fixed.

To avoid panicking about having to reconfigure your booth from scratch, we suggest you think through, and document how your layout can work in both a smaller (and a larger) booth space. This exercise can be done during your slower trade show months and can be a fun, creative process. And it will help you be better prepared, which every trade show manager strives to be.

Booth Layout Exercise

As you’re thinking about traffic patterns and ways to break up your display for smaller booths and expand it for larger booth areas, think about flexibility…

Designing and printing multiple table drapes for 4 ft., 6 ft., and 8 ft. tables will give you great flexibility. Ordering 4-sided table drapes instead of 3-sided table throws will also help you work with an odd and different-sized table.
Another reaTape measure for table drapesson to have multiple table drapes at your disposal is this: If you’re attending a multi-day show, it’s a good idea to cover your display areas with cloth table drapes. By leaving nothing exposed in your booth, you won’t be tempting someone to steal it.