Even if tablecloths are provided by your event sponsor, a customized table runner, table skirt, or table banner with your logo and color scheme will make your booth more noticeable. If designed and displayed well, a customized tablecloth really can provide the necessary focal point that pulls everything together from signage, and graphics to product displays.

For guidance on choosing a vibrantly-colored tablecloth, one that imprints your company’s logo or features a simplistic brand design, think about your most important event and visualize what will stand out the best. Here are our style options:

  • Sample table runner for impactFour-sided:  Looks good from all sides and completely covers any items stored under the table.
  • Three-sided: Allows staff members to comfortably sit behind the table.
  • Table Runner: Easiest to fold and store, and is the least expensive. (pictured to the right)



Fitted or Draped?

  • Fitted corners will work if you plan to use the same-size table for most of your events.
  • Draped corners are more adaptable to varying-sized tables. (pictured here)

Table drape with company logo

At least three months before your next event, ask the show’s promoter about your booth location, space, table sizes, and other display specifics. This will give you plenty of time to order your customized tablecloths.