Although booths with flashy gimmicks are remembered for their flashiness, oftentimes customers don’t remember what the company did or what their products and services were. So without some glitz, how does one compete for attendees and make sure that their company is well represented and visible at industry business fairs? The tips below will help:

Tip One – Invest in large graphics and complementary business table covers that will help you stand out from other booths. Studies find that the bigger your background graphics are, the more attention-grabbing they are. But, don’t get carried away with the larger real estate. You’ll want to balance first impressions with information and ensuTable covers for large business fairsre the graphics offer details about you and what you are selling. And, business table covers should offer a crisp, professional look—similar to the ones that Table-Cover produces. Check out ours>>

Tip Two – One of the surest ways to increase attendee traffic at large business fairs is to make sure that you don’t block the flow of traffic into your booth. For instance, a closed-off front can put a barrier between you and the exhibition, which makes your exhibit space less welcoming and consequently, less appealing. Besides being more inviting, an open front allows visitors to comfortably look around before engaging in conversation.

Tip Three – Have presentations as a way to encourage attendees to visit your booth in a low-risk way. Visitors can get a feel for your company without feeling any pressure to interact further. If you go this route, make sure to post a schedule of the talks near the front of your business fair booth and make sure to have a senior-level company spokesperson on hand for any questions or to give further details to interested parties.