For many small businesses, trade shows are a great way to get your name out there into the community and show people what you have to offer. Yet trade show costs can add up quickly, and you need to make sure you are doing everything to manage those costs efficiently for your business. As a small business, you must leverage the trade show circuit well in order to get a profit for the time and money you invest. Here are some tips to help today’s small business owners jump into the trade show world with success.

Budget and Plan Ahead

It’s easy to overspend on trade shows, so a budget is the first step in the process. You do need to spend some money to make these shows successful. From the promotional products you hand out to the marketing materials on your display, not to mention the fees to rent the booth, there will be some money involved, but you need to determine how much is reasonable to spend before you start.

Next, determine what your goals are. This will help you determine if your trade show has been successful. Goals may include:

  • Gaining new leads
  • Increasing brand recognition
  • Networking
  • Sales


Make the exhibit goals measurable, so you can evaluate your success after the event.

Decide where you will attend the trade show that is relevant to your industry. Choose a location that is likely to attract a partner or customer who will help you meet your goal. Since you will pay to be in the trade show, location is an important factor.
Most importantly, plan ahead. Plan travel dates, book hotel rooms, and start planning the logistics of the show well ahead of time. This will ensure you have ample time to get all the details in place and give your staff time to prepare themselves as well.

Start Marketing Now

As soon as you know your location and dates, start marketing. Hit your social media pages with exciting posts about your upcoming event schedule. The more people in the local area that hear about the show, the better your attendance will be. Consider putting out incentives to invite people to visit your booth. Create a teaser video that will showcase some of the stuff you’ll have available.

As part of your pre-show marketing, order your promotional items that both showcase your company’s brand and leave a good first impression. You need to have some good stuff to give away in order to entice people to visit your booth. Choose items that will create a good impression of your business, but remember to keep your marketing budget in mind too.

Build a Memorable Trade Show Booth

Now it’s time to start planning for your exhibit booth. A successful trade show needs the right exhibit design to draw people in. This can be hard for first-time exhibitors who are not sure what will make people stop and take a closer look but try to think like a visitor or attendee who is coming to the show. What would make you stop and look more closely at an exhibit space, rather than going to look at other exhibitors instead?

First, you will need trade show tablecloths. Choose tablecloths branded with your logo or name. Then, consider banners that will draw attention. Finally, add the backdropsdisplays, posters, and technology to your tables that will give people something to look at and read when they get to your booth.

Depth is an important factor in exhibit design. You need several layers of display items that will draw people to your booth, and then you need promotional items to encourage them to stay. Don’t neglect the height as well. With banners and backdrops, you can make your booth stand out by being taller than the competition.

Videos and slideshows, as long as they are short, can also be effective at keeping people at your booth once they arrive. Use a bright, but not overpowering, color scheme. Consider adding a presentation board that showcases the benefits of your product or service. Use plenty of pictures throughout your booth design, because many people will not stop to read but will take in images. Above all, make sure your logo and company name are central to the overall design.

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