SEG is short for silicone edge graphics. These high-resolution graphics are printed using dye sublimation technology onto fabric panels. Silicone is sewn around the edges of the frame, thus the name. Each SEG panel is fitted into an aluminum extruded frame, customized to your design. SEG frames are often LED backlit, the result is a stunning display. Because SEG panels are interchangeable, they are also a flexible marketing tool.

From trade show displays to storefronts to street ads, nothing matters more to in-person publicity than standing out. The most effective ads are always the ones that lie on the cutting edge, using the most advanced printing technology to distinguish themselves. The more advanced your designs, the crisper, bolder, and more realistic the result, producing an image no one will forget.

SEG represents the best in modern signage. Through this innovative fabric printing technology, you can produce images that truly stand out and leave an enduring impression on any audience.

How Do SEG Frames Work?

This sign technology works by taking a tension fabric and sublimating it with dye, solvent, ultraviolet light, or latex. After sublimation, a thin gasket of silicone is sewn through the fabric’s edge. This has the effect of creating an image that looks continuous as if the viewer were witnessing a live scene rather than a still picture.

What Are the Benefits of SEG Frames?

SEG frames offer a number of advantages compared to standard direct print graphics, including:

  • High Quality – Not only do SEG frames have photographic quality and a continuous look, but they’re resistant to glare. They also won’t fade for years, and because the dye is sublimated directly into the fabric, there’s no risk of peeling or cracking. This gives you a beautiful, realistic image that will stand the test of time.
  • Background Flexibility – SEG frames can be installed against a wide range of surfaces, making them suitable for virtually any application. Whether you need to set up a freestanding storefront sign, mount an image against a wall, or hang an exhibit or display sign, SEG technology can meet your needs.
  • Varied Customizability – SEG frames can be used on a myriad of fabrics large and small, and can produce virtually any image. They’re also relatively inexpensive to make and easy to transport, which means you can quickly produce, supplement, and redistribute ads in tandem with your advertising needs. No matter how little notice you have, you’ll be able to take full advantage of advertising opportunities whenever and wherever they arise.
  • Glowing Presentation – SEG frames do not require lighting but can easily accommodate it. By installing SEG frames onto an LED light box, you can produce a glowing, ethereal image that is certain to impress potential customers.

How Do I Use SEG Frames?

SEG framing starts with choosing your image and a fabric type to display it. Once you’ve had the image printed on the fabric, take whatever board or other display item you’re mounting the image on, place the fabric over that board, and tuck each corner of the fabric into the corresponding corner of the board.

Then tuck the centers of each side under the board, making sure the silicon strip is facing inward toward the rest of the fabric as you tuck it in. Smooth out all the corners and you have a bold, realistic image!

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