When you are preparing for a big event, you need to consider custom printed tablecloths, and table covers to help make it even more effective in your branding efforts. Before you can purchase your table covers for your next trade show, you need to know what size is best. The right length and fit will make your logo easily read, which will help with your marketing efforts. Here is a closer look at the options for custom-printed tablecloths and table covers so that you can choose the right size for your tables.

Table Sizes Compared

When shopping for custom fitted table covers to display your logo at your next event or trade show, you need to first consider the size of your table and trade show booth. A trade show table can come in many different shapes and sizes. Many are rectangular in format, and most are six-feet long with typical trade show booth size being 10’ x 10’. However, some tables are 8-feet long, and some brands will opt for circular tables instead of rectangular. You may even find an occasion where a smaller 4-foot or 5-foot table is ideal. Evaluate your event space, indoor or outdoor, and whether a standing or sitting table is best.

It would be best if you also considered the table height when shopping for tablecloth sizes. Tables for trade shows range from standard 30-inch tall tables to 36-inch demo tables and presentation tables that are 42-inches bar height. In most cases, the standard height is 30-inches, which allows a comfortable seated height. Some tables are adjustable height tables to enable presenters to change the height based on the table’s use. Because of the varying heights, you will need to ensure that your custom printed table covers are the right height to allow your logo to be seen.

Table Cover Size Options

Just like the tables they cover, table covers come in a wide range of size options. At FLS Banners, we manufacture table covers are designed to fit 4’5’6’, and 8’ foot wide tables. FLS is the actual manufacturer as such we can create custom covers to fit shipping case, displays stand, covers for new product reveals, or whatever you can dream up.

While FLS Banners offers custom sized table covers to meet your needs, sometimes you will want to invest in one cover that can fit a wide range of tables. Our table covers fit most utility tables, including 4-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot options. We also carry table runners that are designed to fit the top of the table, rather than draping over the side.

How Much Should a Table Cover Drape Over?

When purchasing a tablecloth to display your branding or logo, you also need to consider how much it will hang or drape over the sides of your table. The drape of the tablecloth helps hide the legs of the table and creates storage in your trade show booth, allowing your logo to be on full display with nothing to detract from it. This means buying a table cover that has the correct size overhang.

FLS Banners offer three different styles of overhang for tables. These include:

Table Runner – These can have a short backdrop of 10 inches on one side and hang just above the floor on the front.

Open-Back Table Covers – These have a short backdrop (about 10 inches) on the back side and hang just above the floor on the sides and front.

Close-Back Table Covers – These cover the top and all four sides of the table just above the floor.

FLS Banner tablecloths are specifically designed to cover the sides of a table, hanging just above the floor, ensuring that they hang correctly. The way that the table cover drapes across a table creates a smooth display surface and beautiful corners.

Having the correct size cover ensures that your table looks professional. It also helps create a storage area under the table, while still giving you access to the extra supplies and marketing materials you may need during your event.

Request Custom Printed Table Covers Today

Choosing the right size is the first step in creating the right table covers for your event and company. You also need to get them printed with your logo to create a bright, brilliant display. FLS Banners can help. We offer full-color printing on all sides, complementary with all custom logo table covers, and have a variety of tablecloth sizes to meet all needs.

Do you have questions about the right size for your table cover? Contact us for answers, then order your custom printed table covers today.

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